About Forced Entry Products

Insulgard Security Products is an architectural security solutions provider. Our team manufactures and designs architectural security products and systems designed to resist forced entry in a variety of applications, including public, private and government facilities. Anywhere that requires a high level of protection against attack can benefit from the use of forced entry materials.

Suited for use at main access points and other entrances and exits, our Bullet Block doors and forced entry glazing materials are capable of resisting a number of threats including forced entry attempts. Using secure forced entry glazing materials can protect your personnel from assault and property from theft, vandalism or damage.

Depending on the risk level of your facility, Insulgard can provide an appropriately rated forced entry resistant material. Made of highly durable polycarbonate, glass and laminate make-ups, our Bullet Block forced entry glazing material is rated according to industry standard tests for forced entry resistance, ballistic resistance and blast resistance.

For further information about our forced entry film, doors and other security products, contact Insulgard today.