Insulgard Security Products is a leader in delivering threat and security solutions for the financial industry. We serve clients ranging from the largest names in banking to the local credit union with the same attention to service and detail. Our architectural security products blend in with and enhance your interior environment. Great care is taken to ensure that the security of your business and employees does not interfere with the customer experience.

With one of the largest installation networks in the industry, we are able to serve customers across the nation. Insulgard has a solid reputation for ease of installation, project management, prep work and attention to detail. Systems are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of your specific threat level.

End-to-End Protection for Financial Institutions 

While some businesses can choose to only secure one area, banks and other financial institutions must address a host of potential vulnerabilities. The diverse line of Insulgard security products ensures that banks, credit unions and other financial institutions can protect their employees and customers from the moment they enter the building through the completion of transactions at a counter or drive-through. 

Our line of bullet-resistant products for banks includes: 

  • Bullet-resistant doors: Our bullet-resistant doors come in a variety of materials, including architectural aluminum, hollow metal and polymer. Whether you are securing a front entrance, employees-only entrance, vestibule system or interior doorways, our doors can be used in new construction or retrofitted into your existing structures. 
  • Bullet-resistant windows: Our glazing products are perfect for exterior windows as well as for security transaction windows inside your financial institution or in a drive-through teller system. 
  • Counterline systems: Our counterline systems, or bandit barriers, as they are sometimes called, can be customized to fit the dimensions and aesthetics of your bank lobby while providing optical clarity and vocal transmission that facilitates seamless interactions between customers and staff. 
  • Bullet-resistant transaction systems: Our SAFECHANGE transaction units come in a variety of sizes and bullet resistance ratings. Whether you need a smaller transfer mechanism for cash and small documents or a larger one for packages and other bulkier items, we have the products to suit your demands.  
  • Pass-through trays: Our SAFECHANGE currency trays are available in countertop and recessed options, and are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of currency and documents. 

All of our bullet-resistant products are tested to the strict standards set forth by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), a global leader in applied science. The UL 752 rating is the gold standard of bullet resistance in the U.S. Our UL 752-rated products provide ballistic protection against a wide range of threats, from small handguns to high-powered rifles, depending upon which level of protection you choose for your security system. 

Key Considerations in Choosing Bullet Resistant Products 

Every bank has unique needs, but some of the key considerations when designing a security system are: 

  • Assessing risk: Is your financial institution in an area that has experienced bank robberies and other threats in the past? While any bank can benefit from Insulgard’s bullet resistant products, they are especially important to stop and deter threats in high-crime areas.  
  • Budgeting: Protecting an entire building from threats is ideal, but not always feasible. If you have strict budget concerns, you can concentrate your high-value security solutions in the areas where they are needed the most, such as customer entrances and lobbies. 
  • Customer relations: Your customers deserve a safe environment, but trusted security should not come at the expense of user-friendliness. Insulgard’s glass and acrylic windows are designed to provide optimal visual clarity and lines of sight between customers and staff, while our transaction windows facilitate natural voice transmission that ensures unimpeded communication. 

The Right Products for New and Existing Buildings 

Whether you are building a new bank from the ground up or modifying an existing structure, Insulgard has the products you need. Our security transaction windows, counterline systems and other products can be retrofitted into diverse environments, blending seamlessly with marble top counters, plaster walls, wainscotting and other features. 

Learn More From Our Team of Experts 

Our team of ballistic glass experts are here to help you select the products you need to secure any environment, including a high-security financial institution. Contact us to speak with an expert on bullet resistant materials or request a quote today. 

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