Windows can be one of the most vulnerable points of a building when it comes to security considerations. Concerns about theft or ballistic attack often lead owners to search for bullet proof window solutions to protect their employees as well as their assets.

In reality, “bullet proof” windows is the incorrect term for these types of products. No material, no matter how high its security level or how thick it is, can ever be truly bulletproof. We refer to these windows as “bullet resistant”, because while they will protect from ballistic threats, they cannot guard completely against relentless ballistic attack. Under repeated stress, all materials will eventually give way.

At Insulgard Security Products, we offer a wide range of bullet resistant windows, using materials such as glass, polycarbonate, acrylic and more. Your solution can be completely customized to feature different transparency levels, required ballistic protection and aesthetic considerations.

Our experts have years of experience in designing and installing bullet resistant window systems for many applications, including use in government facilities, financial institutions, corporate offices, retail stores and many other kinds of buildings. You can trust Insulgard to create a highly effective bullet resistant solution that will allow you to operate your business efficiently and safely.

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