Protect your business with STORMDEFEND’s impact-resistant doors. Our world-class innovation and technical prowess surpass our competitors, making us the authority on impact resistant products. Experience the freedom to design and live the way you want.

Insulgard’s STORMDEFEND TTH350 door system has been tested and certified by the Underwriters Laboratory to meet ICC500-20 and FEMA361-21 requirements for use in tornado and hurricane-safe rooms in the 250mph wind zone.

As part of this certification, the largest and smallest single pairs of doors have been tested and listed by UL. The TTH350 impact-resistant doors also meet UL752 level 3 for bullet resistance.

It is important to note only the hardware that has been tested can be supplied on these tornado-resistant doors. Please be sure to review the tested hardware list to be sure it meets the project-specific requirements. Also, these doors can only be glazed with TORGARD 30 Glazing.

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TTH350 Door


This door system is designed and tested for use in tornado and hurricane-safe rooms/storm shelters meeting FEMA P361-21 and ICC500-20 standards. It is critical this system be used in conjunction with equivalent performance substrate/wall areas.

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