Insulgard Security Products brings scalable security solutions to businesses handling cash transactions. Our clients run the gamut from a single local business to large national firms. We understand the need to protect your business while not interfering with customer and employee interactions.

Our customers benefit from our vast knowledge of every aspect of the business, from threat assessment and specifications through installation. We visit each location to measure and observe, then design and fabricate the optimal solution.

Insulgard’s installation network is among the nation’s largest. Our installers understand the need for adhering to schedules, for keeping your workplace clean, and for minimizing disruption to your business operation.

The Costly Price of Retail Theft—and a Proven Solution 

According to research from Forbes Advisor, 74 percent of small business owners experience theft at least once a month, with the average monthly losses totaling between $500 and $2500. While security guards, surveillance cameras and other common retail security systems may provide adequate theft deterrent for many stores, some retail operations need protection against the strongest threats. 

Bullet-resistant glass, doors and transaction systems provide trusted protection against the types of ballistic threats store owners are likely to face. Insulgard is a trusted partner with retail stores throughout the nation, providing a wide range of products designed to: 

  • Deter retail theft 
  • Protect employees, customers and property in the event of a firearm attack 

All of our Insulgard security products meet the rigorous testing standards of the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The UL 752 designation is the most widely accepted testing standard in the U.S., and ensures protection against threats ranging from small handguns to high-powered rifles, depending upon the level of threat protection you need. 

We understand the security threats store owners face and are committed to providing them with retail security solutions that protect their employees, assets and bottom lines. 

Bullet Resistant Options for Any Retail Location 

Insulgard’s retail store security systems are adaptable to a wide range of building environments, with indoor and outdoor applications. Our products include bullet-resistant: 

  • Glazing: Our BULLETBLOCK glazing products come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions and provide ease of fabrication and routing. Our acrylic and polycarbonate glazing are excellent for indoor applications such as convenience stores and pawn shops, while our glass-clad and all-glass laminate glazing provides better weather resistance suitable to outdoor applications such as ticket booths and drive-through windows. 
  • Doors: Whether you need a single bullet-resistant door, a secure vestibule system or are protecting multiple entry points, we can provide you with doors that fit your building design. Our line of bullet-resistant doors includes wood, slab acrylic, hollow metal and aluminum full-vision doors. 
  • Transaction windows: Whether your transactions are limited to cash and small items, or bulkier exchanges, we have transaction windows to suit your needs. Our bullet-resistant transaction systems are designed to allow the pristine lines of sight and natural voice transmission necessary for a high-functioning retail environment. 
  • Framing systems: A conventional frame could allow the bullet to penetrate or splinter during an attack from a firearm. Our frames are tested to UL 752 standards to meet the same levels of protection as the glazing providing the complete protection for the entire opening.  

A secure retail environment for a convenience store will look different from a jewelry store’s retail security system. Our adaptable products allow us to outfit a diverse range of setups, whether you are equipping a brand-new building with retail security or retrofitting bullet resistant products into an existing location. 

What Level of Protection Do I Need for My Retail Store? 

The level of protection you need for your store will depend upon a thorough threat assessment, taking into account past robberies and burglaries, the value of your merchandise and other factors. Insulgard provides bullet-resistant retail security products in UL levels 1 through 8. The lower levels protect against attacks from smaller handguns, while the higher levels protect against attacks from high-powered rifles. 

Our diverse line of products allows our customers to assign different levels of threat protection to different areas of a store or other building. You may want a high level of bullet resistance for your front door and counter, for instance, while selecting a lower level for other areas of your building. 

Talk With an Expert in Retail Security Glass 

The bullet-resistant glass experts at Insulgard can help you select the products that are right for your business. Contact us to speak with an expert in retail security glass products, or request a quote today.