To complement our window systems, Insulgard offers a full line of architectural bullet-resistant door systems meeting a wide range of ballistic protection. From wood doors to slab acrylic doors to hollow metal steel doors to aluminum full vision doors, Insulgard’s line of BULLETBLOCK door systems offers a secure solution for your entrance while still meeting the design requirements of your project. And rest assured, just like our window systems, all of the doors or the products used to manufacture the doors have been tested and listed by UL as meeting UL752 standards.

These bullet-resistant doors can be furnished with hardware supplied by Insuglard or prepped for hardware by others depending on your project’s requirement. For more information about each of the doors systems offered by Insulgard, read our product data sheets below, or contact Insulgard to learn more.

There are no true “bullet proof” products. Every product has a limit of ballistic attacks they can sustain. Take confidence that all BULLETBLOCK products meet the UL752 rating, the highest standard available.



RATING: UL 752 Level 1-3; Blast GSA, Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC)

  • Accepts glazing 3/4” to 1 3/8”
  • Full or half vision glazing
  • Available in narrow or medium stile
  • Anodized or painted finishes
  • Single or pair of doors
  • Accepts a variety of hardware

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RATING: UL 752 Level 8

  • Accepts glazing 1 1/4” to 2 1/16”
  • Medium stile
  • Heavy duty continuous hinge
  • Anodized or painted finishes
  • Full vision glazing
  • Fabricated and shipped complete with hardware

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RATING: UL 752 Level 1-3

  • Wood core construction
  • Heavy duty continuous hinge
  • Plastic laminate or wood veneer finish
  • Door and frame shipped assembled and prepped for hardware
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Optional view window

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RATING: UL 752 Level 1-3

  • Transparent with full or half vision glazing
  • Heavy duty continuous hinge
  • Door and frame shipped assembled and prepped for hardware
  • Wide range of sizes available

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RATING: UL 752 Level 1-8

  • Door and frame constructed of 16 gauge steel
  • Continuous heavy-duty hinge
  • Complete hardware outfitting
  • Optional view window
  • Variety of frame types available
  • New construction or retrofit applications

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RATING: UL 752 Level 1-3; Blast GSA, UFC

  • Available as bi-parting, bi-passing, or single sliding
  • Accepts various glazing materials from 3/4” to 1 3/8”
  • Available in narrow or medium stile
  • Full or half vision glazing
  • Manual or automatic with operator
  • Anodized or painted finishes
  • Complete line of hardware options
  • Safety breakaway option available

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Features and Benefits of Bulletproof Doors

Doors are the primary entry point for businesses and other facilities and the first stop for those seeking a way inside. So, how do property owners allow approved visitors to enter while making it difficult for intruders to breach? Bullet-resistant doors offer the ideal solution.

Protection Against Ballistic Threats

While no material currently exists that is entirely “bullet-proof,” bullet-resistant doors offer the next best option for protection. Insulgard doors are fabricated from aluminum, polycarbonate, laminated glass, and other materials tested and shown to provide considerable stopping power against different types of projectiles.

Depending on the specific product, bullet-resistant doors are designed to withstand multiple projectiles without allowing penetration.

Bullet-resistant doors are also made to maintain their integrity upon impact. Instead of shattering into dangerous shards, the material remains intact so that the barrier is not compromised, protecting interior areas from being exposed. This gives personnel additional time to move to safety and await first responders.

Enhanced Security Measures

Bullet-resistant doors offer additional strength and protection, making them practical for nearly any private, public, or commercial structure. They protect against projectiles and deter break-ins and other types of crimes.

Individuals who commit vandalism, robbery, and other crimes of opportunity may give up quickly once they realize how difficult it is to penetrate these reinforced materials by forced entry.

Durability and Longevity

Insulgard products meet and exceed third-party testing standards for bullet resistance, forced entry, wind, and impact, so you can trust they are built to last.

They are rated for protection levels following standards set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), among others. Glazing is backed by warranty, and Insulgard experts provide cleaning instructions and after-care guidance to keep doors and windows looking and performing their best for years to come.

Types of Bulletproof Doors Available

Insulgard offers a wide range of bullet-resistant door systems to provide ballistic protection for all types of buildings. Retail storefronts, convenience stores, and other businesses and facilities that require additional security may also want solutions that are not bulky or overly obtrusive.

Bullet-resistant solutions have evolved considerably in form and function in recent years. Insulgard doors are available in various sizes, configurations, and features, including hardware, finishes, and window shapes, to blend seamlessly with the building’s design.  

Bullet-resistant doors are available in single or pairs, prefabricated with Insulgard hardware, or prepped for other products, depending upon your project. Architectural aluminum sliding door systems can also be automated to provide an additional layer of security.

Insulgard security products can be customized for new construction or retrofitted for an existing space.

Applications of Bulletproof Doors

Bullet-resistant doors are beneficial in any building or facility where security is necessary, including:

  • Prisons and law enforcement buildings
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Retail businesses and storefronts
  • Legal cannabis dispensaries
  • Education and religious institutions
  • Event venues and sports stadiums
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Government buildings and military bases

Insulgard works with you to determine the ideal security solution for your needs. Our products can help keep unwanted individuals from entering structures from the outside, protect storage rooms in banks and dispensaries, and create safe zones for lockdowns in offices, churches, and schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of bulletproof doors?

Bullet-proof doors are constructed of materials designed and tested to resist ballistic attacks and maintain their overall integrity to prevent spalling and shattering. Depending on the product, they also absorb the impact of projectiles ranging from small caliber handguns to high-power rifles and shotguns.

How do bulletproof doors enhance security in commercial settings?

Bulletproof doors make commercial spaces more secure in several key ways. First, they deter break-ins and provide a barrier that’s difficult for criminals and other intruders to breach by forced entry. They also help secure exterior-facing walls and interior spaces where cash, sensitive materials, and high-value items are stored.

Interior bullet-resistant doors also create safe zones for people to gather during lockdown drills and events.

Are bulletproof doors customizable to fit different building aesthetics?

Yes. Insulgard bullet resistant doors are available in various levels of protection and different sizes, shapes, configurations, and finishes. Our experts work directly with businesses and consumers to customize windows, doors, panels, and glazing to meet their safety goals.

Insulgard ballistic doors and other security products are fabricated at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Brighton, MI. Once they are complete, we deliver them directly to you. Installation time will vary depending on your project’s specifications. To learn more, call or contact us online to request a quote for your custom security solution.