About Bullet Resistant Counterline Systems Products

Insulgard Security Products offers a line of products including transaction windows, counterline systems, and accessories that provide protection for employees and assets at the point of sale or customer service counter.

SAFECHANGE products have been designed to provide security while still providing a customer-friendly experience and appearance. All of the SAFECHANGE products come in various levels of protection ranging from non-ballistic to UL752 levels 1 through 3.

These products are customizable and available in different sizes and configurations to meet your project’s specific need. All transaction windows and accessories are completely fabricated and shipped ready for easy installation. Counterline systems can be fabricated and shipped for installation by others or Insulgard can be a turnkey solution responsible for the entire project from design to installation.

If you are looking to secure a transaction area, no matter how bid or small, CONTACT Insulgard for more information on our SAFECHANGE products.