At every education level, ensuring the safety of all those inside our schools is of the utmost importance. When the first line of defense against intruders is your building itself, it deserves materials made for the job.

At Insulgard, we proudly design and manufacture a host of bullet-resistant security solutions, like bulletproof doors for schools and universities of all sizes. Tested to perform under the most rigorous conditions, they offer the protection you can count on when it matters most.

Assessing Threats: Which UL Level Is Right for Your School?

When architects, glazing contractors and other construction professionals are called upon to design and build safe schools, there is no room for compromise.

Our BULLETBLOCK products are tested under the strict UL 752 standards of Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the most rigorous and widely respected standard in the U.S. UL 752 levels run from 1 – 8, the lower levels protecting against ballistic attacks from handguns, the higher levels providing bullet resistance against repeated attacks from high-powered rifles.

The variety of Insulgard security products allows customers flexibility in creating a security set-up that is right for their needs. For instance, bullet-proof window film for schools may not provide the protection you want for your main entrances but may provide a more cost-effective solution for lower-threat areas. You can secure those high-threat areas with our strongest bullet-resistant glass and acrylic products.

A Versatile Lineup of Bullet Resistant (“Bulletproof”) Options

The term “bullet proof” is often a misnomer, as no material can withstand an ongoing attack from a firearm. Insulgard’s lineup of BULLETBLOCK products do, however, offer trusted bullet resistance and are tested to UL 752 standards, providing the most widely trusted level of bullet resistance available on the market.

Our line of bullet-resistant materials includes:

  • BULLETBLOCK acrylic and laminated polycarbonate—these materials provide a high level of visibility with a lighter weight, making them ideal for indoor environments.
  • BULLETBLOCK Glass Clad Polycarbonates and All Glass products—these glazing materials provide a superior level of weather resistance and are easier to clean, making them an attractive option for outdoor use.
  • Bullet resistant frames—our frames provide the same UL protection as our glazing materials and can be sized and fitted to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Bullet resistant glass doors—our bullet proof glass doors for schools are designed to provide trusted ballistic protection and visual clarity.

The safety of your students, teachers and staff deserves trusted and tested products, and Insulgard is here to provide them.

Bullet-Resistant Windows

No school deserves to be a bunker—but windows are an undeniably weak point in any building. Unfortunately, bulletproof glass for schools has become a necessity.

To protect against ballistics while providing visibility, Insulgard bullet-resistant windows use a collection of rigorously tested components to stop ballistics in their tracks.

  • First and foremost, we design a range of bullet-resistant glazing materials to replace standard window glass in at-risk areas.
  • Ideal for indoor applications, BULLETBLOCK Acrylic and Laminated Polycarbonate options provide exceptional clarity and solid security at low weights.
  • For more robust, maintainable security outdoors, BULLETBLOCK Glass Clad Polycarbonates and All Glass products include glass outer layering to provide easier cleaning and better protection against weathering—as well as excellent bullet resistance.
  • Beyond the glazing, we also design and manufacture a range of bullet-resistant frames engineered to exacting classifications ranging from UL752 Level 1 to UL752 Level 8. With our bullet-resistant glass and glass alternatives, these frames provide the structural soundness needed to hold up against a range of ballistic attacks.

Bullet-Resistant Doors & More

The entry point to any building is a primary target for intruders of all kinds. For this reason, security doors for schools should be reinforced to protect against bullets and other blunt force.

Made to fit a wide range of entryways, Insulgard bullet-resistant doors are manufactured to the industry’s most exacting UL752 standards. They’re available in several material options, including:

  • Architectural aluminum
    Reinforced wood
    Hollow metal

A Highly Secured School Doesn’t Have to Look Like a Bunker

When it comes to protecting schools from ballistic threats, aesthetic considerations are more than just a matter of taste. Students should feel safe, but they should not have to feel as though they are stepping into a high-security zone every time they walk into a school building.

Our BULLETBLOCK products are designed to provide trusted ballistic protection while looking like normal doors, windows and frames. Our bullet proof glass for schools and other bullet resistant products can be used in new construction or retrofitted into your existing structures. The high degree of customization allows you to create a safe and high-functioning security zone for your students without that “bunker” aesthetic.

FAQs About Bullet Resistant Products for Schools

What are the key benefits of installing bulletproof windows and doors in schools?

Bullet-resistant windows and doors provide several advantages. First and foremost, they protect students and staff from bullets in a worst-case scenario. The presence of bullet proof glass doors for schools can also deter bad actors from launching an attack in the first place.

How do I know which type of ballistic security product is suitable for my educational institution?

A full threat assessment of your school or university can help you determine which ballistic security products provide the needed level of protection. A threat assessment should take into account factors such as:

  • The size and layout of the school or campus
  • The number of students and staff members, and where they most often congregate
  • The nature and location of previous threats

Consult with a security expert to help you choose the right plan. The ballistic glass experts at Insulgard can help you better understand our line of products and how they might best be implemented into your school’s security plan.

Can existing buildings be retrofitted with bulletproof security features?

Yes. Our bulletproof glass for schools comes in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. Many of our bullet-resistant glazing materials can be cut and routed to fit existing structures.

Protect Your School with Insulgard

Your school’s security is a top priority. No one understands that better than our team. We craft trusted and tested bullet proof doors for schools and other bullet resistant products because we want to help you protect your students, teachers, peers, friends, and family from any life-threatening attacks.

Contact us today to learn more about our line of bulletproof glass doors for schools and other bullet-resistant products. If you are ready to start planning your secure environment, request a quote today.