Insulgard Security Products has developed a comprehensive state-of-the-art BULLETBLOCK product line to protect against ballistic assault. These bullet-resistant architectural security products include a full line of glazing materials, framing systems including windows and storefront systems, doors and opaque armor.

While there are no truly “bulletproof” products that can withstand an unlimited amount of ballistic attack, all of the BULLETBLOCK products have been designed and tested to UL752 meeting the highest standard on the market. The BULLETBLOCK product line ranges from UL752 level 1 meeting lower level ballistic protection up to UL752 level 8 higher level protection consisting of multiple shots of a high powered rifle. In all cases providing absolute protection and allowing for no spall during testing.

BULLETBLOCK architectural security products can be used in a variety of applications including schools, police stations, Financial institutions, government buildings, retail facilities, payment centers, or anywhere a potential ballistic threat exists. For more information, browse a selection of our products below and contact the Insulgard team with any questions.