Insulgard offers several SAFECHANGE bullet-resistant accessories for use in our counterline systems or your existing workspace, including overhead louvers and speak-thru systems.

Our SAFECHANGE overhead louver systems are designed to extend the height of a counterline system at reduced costs. While the louvers are not bullet-resistant themselves, they can help deter attempts to leap over a bullet-resistant barrier and cause a breach in security. The innovative design allows air to flow through the barrier, whereas a solid barrier may otherwise restrict the effectiveness of a heating and cooling system.

We also offer various SAFECHANGE speak-thru systems designed to match the barrier or window they are installed in. Made of transparent, bullet-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate, our backer plate speak-thru delivers excellent voice communication between the employee and the customer. For added security, choose our round stainless steel speak thru, which features Level 3 bullet resistance and a design that deflects projectiles effectively.

All of Insulgard’s bullet-resistant accessories are delivered and ready to install. For more information read the product data sheets below.

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  • Allows air flow – does not restrict heating and cooling systems
  • Provides physical attack resistance above counterline barrier systems
  • Fabricated ready for installation
  • Hardware included
  • Available between 6” and 36” in height

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  • Round, square, or rectangular options
  • Made of transparent ballistic material
  • Excellent sound transmission
  • Acrylic spacers and hardware included

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RATING: UL 752 Level 1-3

  • Available as interior or exterior model
  • Adjustable to fit various glazing thicknesses
  • Requires a 5-inch diameter hole
  • UL 752 Level 3 or non-rated unit available

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