Insulgard’s line of BULLETBLOCK glazing products offers a wide variety of glazing makeups meeting various levels of ballistic protection for use in an unlimited number of security applications. From interior to exterior applications, low level to the highest level of ballistic protection or enclosures to framed windows and doors, BULLETBLOCK Glazing products can offer the solution you’re looking for.

BULLETBLOCK Acrylics and laminated polycarbonate products are ideal for interior applications. These products offer a lighter weight option than glass while providing optimal clarity for a seamless appearance and ease of fabrication such as cutting, routing or polishing. Also, because these products come in standard sheet sizes they are readily stocked at Insulgard for fast turnaround.



BULLETBLOCK Glass Clad Polycarbonates and All Glass products can also be used in interior applications but they are better suited for exterior applications where the glass outer layer provides a better protection against weathering and cleaning. Because these products contain glass they must be manufactured to size and cannot be stocked but the benefit to “made to size” is no yield loss from stock sheets. Also, because of their glass makeup, many of these products can be insulated providing much better thermal performance for exterior applications.

Whatever your security project needs you can be confident Insulgard has a glazing solution that will work for you. You can also be confident that the product you choose will perform when called upon. All of Insulgard’s BULLETBLOCK glazing products are tested and certified to UL752 by Underwriters Laboratory and listed as such.

For more information about BULLETBLOCK products read our product data sheets or contact Insulgard today.