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Doors are the most common entry point for various facilities. This makes them one of the most targeted areas for potential intruders as well. As such, many businesses and government agencies are looking for solutions that are easy to use for those who are granted secure access, but difficult to breach for those who are not. 

This is where bullet-resistant doors can be an incredibly powerful option. These structures provide extra safety and security using reinforced materials, but they can still provide an easy, attractive solution for everyday use. 

Read about the power of bullet-resistant doors and some of the most common applications in the guide below. 

What Are Bullet Resistant Doors?

Bullet-resistant doors are made from reinforced materials like aluminum, laminated glass and polycarbonate, which can absorb the impact of various ballistics to prevent penetration of the round. These doors are available in a huge array of sizes, finishes, and levels of protection. So while they provide more protection than normal doors, they can blend into the rest of a building design and still provide an attractive, usable solution. 

Though no material can stand up against ballistic impact indefinitely, these materials are designed and tested to prevent penetration of the projectile when struck once to a handful of times, depending on the level of protection offered by each product. The idea is that the material should for the most part stay intact to defeat the ballistic attack and not break into dangerous shards and quickly leave building interiors or secure areas exposed. 

Bullet-resistant doors can enhance safety and security for a huge array of facilities. Not only do these products provide a strong barrier that can stop or at least slow down intruders, but they also often act as a crime deterrent. Those who commit crimes of opportunity like armed robbery or vandalism often look for easy targets and get discouraged quickly if their objectives are not achieved. So running into bullet-resistant doors and other reinforced materials can make individuals think twice about what they’re about to do. 

Strengths and Capabilities of Bullet Resistant Doors

The added strength and security of bullet-resistant doors make them a popular upgrade for nearly any commercial building or public space. However, there are several applications that are prevalent today. Here’s a look at several use cases, from those that use bullet-resistant doors as a crime deterrent to those that use them to secure high-powered equipment and preserve human life. 

Many storefronts and convenience stores use bullet-resistant doors as a crime deterrent. These reinforced materials can prevent after-hours break-ins or even secure interior areas where cash or other valuable items are held. These doors often don’t need to be especially thick; the ability to stop even small arms is often enough to make individuals reconsider their actions. 

Slightly stronger materials can be used to secure businesses that are often targeted by criminals. For example, banks and financial institutions use bullet-resistant doors to secure money counting and storage areas. More recently, many dispensaries have begun employing similar strategies, as these businesses often keep large amounts of cash and in-demand inventory on hand. A similar concept is often employed at data centers to protect important tech equipment from damage or theft. 

Bullet-resistant doors are also often used to secure areas where safety may be a concern, like in office buildings, schools, churches, and government facilities. Doors may help secure the building exterior to prevent unwanted intruders from getting inside; but they can also provide safe zones inside these buildings in case they need to lock down due to active security concerns. 

The Competitive Landscape Around Bullet Resistant Doors

Bullet-resistant products in general are experiencing heightened demand in today’s market. An increase in violent crime, vandalism, and general unrest has caused many businesses and government agencies to start taking physical security more seriously. Office buildings, banks, storefronts, data centers, dispensaries, and public safety facilities all tend to rely heavily on bullet-resistant doors, windows, and panels to protect their employees, products, and visitors from potentially violent acts. 

This increased demand also means there are plenty of suppliers ready and able to fill this need for a variety of buildings. Since doors are the most common entry point for most facilities, this is one of the most sought-after products within this niche. And there are tons of different options available that offer various levels of protection, sizes, and aesthetic styles. 

Though it is completely fine to shop around to find the bullet-resistant doors and other security products that meet your needs, just be sure that the products you select are actually able to deliver on their safety claims. Specifically, bullet-resistant products should be tested to ensure that they defeat the ballistic threat but also protect the occupant of the building from dangerous glass spall. UL-752 is the most common and well-respected testing standard used to classify bullet-resistant products and the standard is clear that no spall is allowed. There are eight levels of protection available within this standard, and products that are tested must exhibit no spall.  This means that upon impact from the round no shards of glass can penetrate the witness panel on the safe side of the glass.  If any spall is detected then the test is deemed a failure.  There are also products out there that claim to be UL752 Low Spall.  To be clear, UL752 has no listing for any kind of Low Spall product.  

If you’re looking for quality bullet-resistant doors, look no further than Insulgard. Our BulletBlock line of products includes doors, windows, wall panels, countertop systems, and even custom entryways to provide customizable protection solutions to all different types of facilities. Our knowledgeable team can help you select the right materials and offer value-added services or connections through each step of the process. Visit our website to browse bullet-resistant doors or get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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