After a tumultuous year in 2020, demand for bulletproof glass rose significantly among multiple sectors. And that demand has shown no signs of slowing down so far in 2021. In fact, it is expected to continue rising for the next several years, according to multiple industry projections. 

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For architects and contractors that may be interested in using bullet resistant materials in their designs this year and in the years to come, understanding market trends can help you make the most of the supplies that are available to you. In other words, it may be beneficial to understand the reasons why demand for bullet resistant materials is currently so high and the types of systems that are popular with other consumers. This knowledge can provide inspiration and even help you adapt to the market when needed. 

Here’s a guide for architects and building companies about bulletproof glass solutions in the US in 2021 and how to make the most of the options available. 

Popular Types of Bulletproof Glass Solutions in the US

There are a variety of bulletproof glass solutions available to provide different levels of protection to US businesses and government facilities. The options available change through the years. And different types of businesses may benefit from different styles or levels of protection. But understanding the trends and options can help each business or builder more effectively choose the solutions that meet their specific needs. 

For example, safe room or cash room systems are gaining popularity, especially for businesses in emerging industries like marijuana dispensaries. Since the federal government still doesn’t officially recognize these businesses as legal, even if select states do, many do not risk putting their earnings in banks for fear that it might be seized if the government ever decides to crack down on the industry. Without access to the financial institutions that many other businesses use to store the majority of their revenue, they’re left with large amounts of cash on site. This could make them a potentially attractive target for those looking to commit armed robbery. 

However, a safe room or cash room constructed with reinforced materials like bulletproof glass can help. These systems can be customized to fit the needs of each facility, with doors, windows, and panels made from reinforced materials like polycarbonate and laminated glass. Though no material is truly “bulletproof,” these materials can absorb the impact from various ballistic rounds, spreading out the massive amount of energy produced to reduce the chance of the bullet penetrating or the glass shattering allowing access. Bullet resistant glass has various ratings of protection, from panels designed to protect from shotgun rounds to a few shots from a small pistol. When struck with the type of ballistic projectile it is designed to protect against, the material should produce zero spall, meaning nothing penetrates the safe side of the glazing. This makes it an ideal material for preventing theft, slowing down intruders, and protecting employees as they count or store cash and other valuables. 

This type of structure is also becoming increasingly common in data centers. Since cybercrime is becoming a larger and larger concern among US businesses and government agencies, protecting the places where data is stored has become an essential goal. In many cases secure entrance in the form of a vestibule are built with bullet resistant doors, windows, and panels preventing potential cyber criminals from accessing, taking possession of, or destroying the equipment where essential and private data is stored. 

Aside from bullet resistant entrances or safe areas, counterline systems are also increasingly popular in various facilities like municipal offices and banks. These barriers are useful for protecting customer facing team members without interrupting their ability to converse and complete transactions. These systems don’t just help to prevent theft; they can also protect employees and help them feel safe when they have to deliver bad news or potentially unpopular policies to visitors. 

How to Make the Most of Your Bullet Resistant Materials

When considering various bulletproof glass solutions in the US, it’s important to find a supplier who can meet your needs when it comes to quality, customization, and service. Ask yourself the following questions to ensure you get the best possible experience: 

  • Are your materials supplied by the best vendor for your competitive advantage? A quality supplier should be able to provide a mix of fast service and customizations that suit your specific needs. 
  • Is your supplier providing the best, highest quality bulletproof products for the applicaton? Meeting rigorous industry testing standards is a must when employee and visitor safety is involved. 
  • Can they provide an accurate timetable for your project or application? Accurate information and friendly service can help your team better plan for construction and installation. 

Your bulletproof glass distributor shouldn’t just provide you with the materials needed to create protective structures in your facility. They can also act as a partner, providing input and expertise as you create and implement security features into your building plans. 

Insulgard can meet all of these needs and provide the variety of solutions that today’s businesses and government facilities need. We can work with architects and contractors throughout the entire process, from designing protective structures through delivery of the finished product. Our team offers expertise and extra value throughout every step, providing valuable insights about materials, product ratings, and customization options. We serve businesses of all sizes and industries, from marijuana dispensaries to data centers to government facilities. And our BulletBlock bullet resistant products and SafeChange counterline systems are tested to ensure quality and meet all relevant testing standards. To discuss your bulletproof glass solutions needs with an expert, visit our website to reach out today.

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