Insulgard® Security Products’ New Fema-Compliant Window System provides Ultimate Protection from Extreme Weather & Human Threats

Insulgard®, the industry leader in architectural security products, today announced a new window system that can protect emergency and security workers from the battering of hurricane and tornado strength winds, ballistics impacts, and other threats.

This state-of-the-art protection system combines Insulgard® Security Products’ TH600 aluminum architectural framing system and TOR-GARD glazing material to meet Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 361-2008 requirements for debris impact resistance, as well as UL® 752 specifications for securityヨballistic protection up to level 8. Potential applications include 911 call centers, police and hospital emergency facilities, utility control centers and critical government infrastructure. Insulgard’s investment in security technologies provides customers with new ways to preserve and protect emergency professionals and property.

“Extreme weather and human threats are all too common in today’s world, and emergency workers must be able to function safely and effectively when these events occur,” said Fred Gebauer, business development manager for Insulgard®. “Protection comes first, but it’s also important to provide an accommodating environment that avoids a windowless, bunker-like enclosure. Using our advanced security technologies we created a window system solution that can withstand extremely high winds, ballistics and other forces while providing an aesthetic architectural design that admits natural light. Our solution will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the design and effectiveness of security facilities at the local, state, national and international levels.”

Wind Tested, Industry Approved

Insulgard® Security Products, owned by SABIC Polymershapes, a division of SABIC Innovative Plastics, combines the material innovation of Lexan polycarbonate sheet and the technical expertise of the experienced Insulgard® team. Together, they bring rugged and effective materials with exceptional safety features to the marketplace. To create the window system, TH600 structural aluminum framing is glazed with custom TOR-GARD glass and SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Lexan sheet, resulting in unmatched protection from ballistics, blast, wind, and impact, or a combination.

In tests conducted by Architectural Testing, Inc., in York, Penn., a 15-pound, 2×4-in. wood board traveling horizontally at 100 mph served as a missile that impacted the window system to simulate projectiles hurled during a hurricane or tornado. Testing included simulated winds of up to 250 mph (hurricane) and 225 mph (tornado). The Insulgard® framing and glazing system successfully passed this impact testing, as required by FEMA 361-2008 guidelines for community safe rooms that are designed and constructed to protect large numbers of people from a natural hazard event.

The new window glazing system complies with leading standards for performance of exterior windows, curtain walls, doors, and storm shutters impacted by projectiles and exposed to cyclic pressure differentials.

For more information on this product, please contact Insulgard® Security Products at 1-800-624-6315 or

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