New Fully Glazed Window System from Insulgard Security Products is First to Earn UL Certification to ICC 500-14 meeting FEMA P-361-15 Guidelines

Brighton, Mich.—Insulgard Security Products, the industry leader in architectural security products, has introduced the advanced new Torgard TTH600 Window system – the first fully glazed window system certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to meet critical standards for use in tornado and hurricane storm shelters mandated by the 2015 International Building Code.

Torgard TTH600 window system has been tested and certified by UL to meet the new ICC 500- 14 and FEMA P-361-15 requirements for use in tornado and hurricane safe rooms and shelters, including in a 250mph wind zone. A link to the listing can be found on the UL Online Certifications Directory. The new enhancements to ICC 500 and FEMA P-361 include:

  • An increased safety factor of 1.2 times the design wind pressure resulting in test pressures of +292/-368psf;
  • Testing of the smallest and largest size of each window configuration including pressure, debris impact and cycling;
  • Mandatory certification/labeling by a nationally recognized testing laboratory which includes periodic quality inspection.

In addition, the TTH600 system is thermally broken and has been tested for bullet resistance meeting UL 752 levels 1-3.

UL is very excited to provide testing and certification to ICC 500-2014 of what we know to be the industry’s first fully glazed window system.

“UL is very excited to provide testing and certification to ICC 500-2014 of what we know to be the industry’s first fully glazed window system,” said Dave Stammen, principal engineer of the Building Envelope business at UL. “Insulgard’s TTH600 is another example of some of the products we test to rigorous storm shelter requirements at our Chicagoland based facility, and is the first window system to earn our Windstorm Certification to the FEMA guidelines and ICC 500-2014.”

Since the 2000 introduction of FEMA P-361, Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes: Guidance for Community and Residential Safe Rooms, Insulgard has been at the forefront in designing aluminum windows and storefront systems to meet these very challenging standards, which include debris impacts of 15# 2x4s at 100mph. The new Torgard TTH600 window system is the latest of Insulgard’s advancements.

The Torgard TTH600 window system is designed to allow natural light into the safe room without the need for storm shutters that have to be manually closed in the case of a storm event. The window itself is the protective system and is always in place.

An increased effort to build more tornado shelters, especially in schools and emergency response facilities, has been a priority in tornado-prone areas since the devastating tornado that hit Moore, OK, in 2013, which resulted in 51 fatalities, including children who sought shelter in a local school. As a part of this effort, section 423.3 and 423.4 of the 2015 International Building Code requires a storm shelter in all new K-12 schools, emergency operations centers, police stations, and fire and rescue stations built in the 250mph wind zone as referenced within ICC 500. It also stipulates that storm shelters and all components used in the storm shelter meet ICC 500-14. In many cases, these storm shelters serve as dual-use facilities such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, classrooms or entire buildings.

Extreme weather and human threats are all too common in today’s world.

“Extreme weather and human threats are all too common in today’s world,” said Gerry Sagerman, Sales Development for Insulgard. “Protection comes first, but it’s also important – especially in schools – to provide an appealing environment rather than a windowless, ‘bunker-like’ enclosure. Using our advanced security technologies, we engineered the new Torgard TTH600 window system to withstand extremely high winds and the impact from debris associated with those winds, while providing an aesthetic architectural design that admits plentiful natural light. Our solution delivers high protective effectiveness and pleasing design aesthetics to any facility that a community may depend on to provide safe, sheltering environments.”

For more information on this product, please contact Insulgard Security Products at 1-800-624- 6315 or visit

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