About Blast Resistant Products

Insulgard’s line of blast resistant products are made to reduce the risk of injuries caused by explosions and bomb applications. Our blast doors, framing systems, and transparent glazing material provide strong protection against the impact and debris from a variety of blast and ballistic threats.

While there’s no fully “blast proof” solution where the glass is guaranteed to completely stay together even under severe stress, these blast resistant solutions do greatly reduce the risk of the glass breaking up into small shards that can then cause injury or leave your building vulnerable. Essentially, the glass is glazed or laminated so that it stays together even under severe pressure or impact, rather than fully shattering and creating dangerous debris.

Our products are manufactured to hold up to the highest blast rating standards in the industry. Blast rating standards are constantly evolving and the Insulgard team is dedicated to developing a product lines that lives up to the most rigorous requirements.

For maximum blast security protection, we offer a full line of blast resistant products, including doors, glazing material, and frames. These products can be installed to provide protection in government buildings, gas stations, courthouses, police facilities, corporate headquarters, and other prominent locations. You can view a selection of specific products below or contact an Insulgard representative to learn more about the options.