About Bullet Resistant Products

Insulgard’s line of bullet resistant products are made to live up to the highest testing standards on the market. Manufactured with glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate glazing materials, our innovative solutions are built for optimal safety and ballistic protection.

While there’s no truly “bullet proof glass” that can withstand an unlimited amount of ballistic impact, these bullet resistant solutions are made to provide a strong source of protection. These products include single or multiple layers of glass and synthetic materials so that if there is a ballistic impact, they stay in place rather than completely shatter leaving your space exposed.

There are different levels of ballistic protection offered, from laminated polycarbonate to acrylic to glass-polycarbonate panels. So no matter what your security needs are, Insulgard has products to fit with your space and desired level of protection. Insulgard also carries a variety of bullet resistant product categories, including exterior doors and windows, transaction windows, package passers, and fiberglass panels. Our glazing products offer a transparent appearance so your team can effectively see and communicate with visitors while still enjoying the protection of bulletproof glass. So whether you’re looking to build a fully secure banking facility or simply shore up the protection of the exterior of a school or municipal building, Insulgard has you covered

Browse a selection of our products below or contact the Insulgard team with any questions related to our bullet resistant line.