Insulgard’s STORMDEFEND TTH600 Window system has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratory to meet ICC500-14 and FEMA361-15 requirements for use in a tornado or hurricane safe room in the 250mph wind zone. As a part of this certification smallest and largest sizes of multiple configurations of windows have been tested and listed by UL. The TTH600 window system also meets UL752 Level 3 for bullet resistance.

Along with meeting the strict requirements for use in a FEMA361 safe room, the STORMDEFEND TTH600 window system also meets the everyday performance requirements of a modern-day building. The TTH600 window system is 6” deep with a perimeter profile of 2 ½” and incorporates a true thermal break as a part of the construction.

The TORGARD30-IG glazing which was tested in the window system is insulated glazing that can incorporate various Low E coatings in the makeup along with standard tints.

For more information about the STORMDEFEND TTH600 wind and impact resistant window system, please contact Insulgard today.