About Wind & Impact Resistant Products

Insulgard Security Products manufactures and designs a range of wind and impact resistant architectural security products and systems designed and tested to meet Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 361, International Code Council (ICC) 500, and Miami-Dade County standards.

Our impact and wind resistant materials include StormDefend impact proof glass doors, wind and impact framing systems, as well as wind and impact resistant glass and glazing materials. All wind and impact resistant products are engineered to withstand high levels of physical attack and extreme weather conditions. Insulgard’s impact resistant materials offer strong protection from forced entry or flying debris to enhance the safety of your building. These StormDefend materials are suitable for entrances, interior doors, or anywhere additional security is required.

If you are looking for impact resistant glass film, framing systems, or wind resistant doors, contact Insulgard today for further information.