School security systems can encompass a lot of different things — everything from motion detectors and lighting systems to full-scale alarms. However, entryway protection is one of the most important aspects for any school security plan. And it’s one that often gets overlooked.

No parent, teacher, or school administrator wants to think about the possibility of violent incidents occurring at their school. However, there are systems that could greatly reduce the chance of violence and lessen the impact if it does happen. So often, it is best to have protections in place, though the hope is they will never really be necessary.

Here’s some more information about the importance of entryway security — especially bullet resistant entryway systems — and the types of products that are available to improve entryway safety in schools.

The Importance of Bullet Resistant Entryways

The main goal of any bullet resistant or protective system is deterrence. The idea is that when potential offenders see or learn of bullet resistant entryway systems, they will be less likely to actually follow through with any violent plans. Research has found that added obstacles tend to lead to fewer violent incidents in schools and other public buildings or facilities.

When there is a threat of violence in schools, a bullet resistant entryway can serve as a first line of defense. No material is fully “bulletproof,” but bullet resistant systems can withstand some ballistic contact, giving those inside a better chance of getting to safety and giving law enforcement a better chance to respond quickly and effectively.

In addition, protective entryway systems where school visitors need to get express permission to enter the building can be helpful even in situations that don’t relate to gun violence in any way. It allows school officials to monitor who enters and exits the building throughout the entire day, potentially putting a stop to any family issues or bullying that may otherwise enter the school’s hallways.

Options for Bullet Resistant Entryways

Insulgard offers a number of products and systems that come together to provide a high level of protection for school entryways. First, bullet resistant exterior doors can protect against threats from those who aren’t able to enter the building undetected. You can also get bullet resistant windows and framing systems to create a fully protected and enclosed space inside the main entry doors, while still maintaining full visibility. This would allow you to position school safety officers or officials near the entryway to approve of any visitors before giving them access to the rest of the building. In fact, you can even include bullet resistant trays and accessories that allow you to check visitors’ IDs or other credentials and speak with them before letting them into the main part of the building.

If you’re constructing a brand new school building, these systems can be built and installed seamlessly with the rest of the framing and structures near the entryway. However, they can also be retrofitted to an existing school building. Contact Insulgard today to discuss your options and create a custom bullet resistant system that’s perfect for your school building. Our team is well versed in the materials and product options that work best for school buildings, so we can help you come up with a solution that’s both practical and likely to improve school safety.

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