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Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to carefully consider their own unique security needs. Sometimes, those needs even evolve over time. So businesses may need to adjust the systems and structures that they have in place as trends and industry processes change. 

Currently, businesses like pharmacies and utility service providers are experiencing some changes that may impact their security requirements, including marijuana legalization in several states throughout the country. And many do not already have sufficient protections in place to account for these changing landscapes. If you manage one of these facilities, here’s a guide to help you understand the trends and how they may impact security for your team and your business as a whole. 

With Marijuana Legalization Comes Unique Security Concerns 

Marijuana legalization in many states throughout the country has led to unique concerns for pharmacies and utility companies. For pharmacies, new in-demand products that are often offered with high price tags may entice theft in some locations. Protecting these products behind counter systems or physical barriers can minimize loss and protect employees who are otherwise left as the main deterrent for theft of these items. 

For utility companies, the issue is even more complicated. Growers and business owners in the legal marijuana industry still face some concerns due to the federal government’s stance. Their products still are not considered legal on a national level, so many do not feel comfortable placing their earnings in bank accounts or federally insured financial institutions. For that reason, many of these business owners deal mainly in cash. So they pay for things like electricity, gas, and other utilities using this method. 

For years, many utility providers have been able to mainly accept online and digital payments, along with the occasional visitor who pays in cash. But the actual amount of money on the premises tended to be fairly minimal. But now, the marijuana industry is growing at a rapid pace. So many of these growers and businesses are dealing with large sums of money. Recently, one grower even paid a $75,000 water bill in cash. 

This turns utility providers into much more attractive targets for potential thieves. Not only are more people coming into the premises, but you also have more money on-site on a regular basis. To keep employees safe and protect those cash earnings, utility providers need to have protective barriers in place. 

Utility Departments Beef Up Security with Counterline Protection

Currently, many utility providers have simple counter systems that would easily allow for theft or robbery and place employees at risk. Since the threat in recent years has been relatively minimal, many did not recognize the need for anything more substantive. However, this trend of growers and others in the marijuana industry dealing with large sums of cash highlights the need for protective barriers in a variety of business environments — but especially with utility providers. 

Counterline protection provides a bullet resistant barrier system that creates a strong layer of protection between employees and visitors. It can stop ballistics and make it much more difficult for intruders to access the area behind the counter. But it still allows for seamless interaction between the two parties. You can easily hear and converse with those on the other side. And you can even use protective accessories to facilitate payments or transfers of goods between each side of the barrier. 

How Insulgard’s Counterline Protects Pharmacies

For pharmacies, counterline systems also provide protection from point-of-sale armed robberies, as well as general theft. This is especially important where high priced or in-demand products are concerned. The physical barrier prevents thieves from simply jumping over the counter to grab items or cash that would otherwise be easily accessible. 

It also simply acts as a deterrent. Potential thieves will be less likely to choose a particular pharmacy as a target if there are extra barriers in place that would make the job harder. Even if they do attempt to get by this type of system, the barrier is strong enough to stop a bullet. And it won’t shatter and create debris that could be potentially dangerous for employees or other visitors. 

Overall, this type of system can provide peace of mind to businesses and their employees. You don’t have to be nearly as concerned about assaults or physical injuries. And you can also avoid major loss from theft of products stored behind the counter system. Additionally, these protective barriers still allow for easy interaction between employees and customers. So customer service and transactions can still be completed satisfactorily. 

Counterline is still Aesthetically Pleasing and Facilitates Customer Interaction

Though security is obviously a top priority, businesses also need to be concerned with the customer experience in their facilities. Bulky barriers that decrease visibility or deter clear communication between staff and customers can hamper sales and make a negative impression on customers.

However, Insulgard’s security counterline systems offer a solution to this problem that is both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. The product line includes counterline windows in various sizes and styles to match your preferences. You can also add accessories like pass-through trays for easy payments, speakers to enhance communication, and package passers for businesses or entities that deal with larger products. 

Insulgard can help with all of your ballistic protection and physical barrier security needs, whether you run a pharmacy, utility company, financial institution, convenience store, or government facility. We offer a wide array of security products designed to enhance safety and provide protection against everything from extreme weather to ballistics. Our counterline product line includes everything you need to secure the area behind a counter and protect employees from assault or physical threats, while still creating a positive environment for interactions between team members and visitors. If you’re interested in any of these products, our team can walk you through all of the counterline protection options to help you find the solutions that are most suited to your needs and your budget. 

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