bandit barriers

Bandit barriers provide physical protection for employees and items behind a counter, separating them from potential assailants and members of the public. These can be beneficial for a variety of facilities, from pawn shops and convenience stores to banks and credit unions. If you think your building may be at risk for potential theft or armed robberies, here are some of the most important things you need to know about this helpful physical security measure.

Armed robberies can be a huge concern for a variety of businesses. Not only do they contribute to potential financial theft or loss of valuable inventory, but they can also lead to major safety concerns for team members and can contribute to a feeling of unease and stress at a facility.

What Are Bandit Barriers?

Bandit barriers are essentially fabricated from clear, bullet-resistant materials that are made to separate the area in front of a counter from the secure space behind it. Basically, it’s meant to provide physical protection for employees at banks, utility companies. convenience stores, and any location where there are team members or valuable items behind a counter. 

The actual materials used can vary depending on the needs of each particular facility. But they often provide protection against ballistics and physical impact. So basically, they are meant to protect against a variety of forced robbery or burglary threats, while also deterring criminal activity from occurring in the first place. 

In addition to providing a strong layer of physical protection, most bandit barriers also offer plenty of visual clarity. The idea is that they can provide protection when a threat does occur, without preventing the day-to-day interactions between team members and customers that helps a bank or business run. 


How Do They Protect Against Armed Robberies?

Bandit barriers are constructed using bullet resistant glazing. This material can be made using plastics like polycarbonate or acrylic, or even a mix of synthetic glazing and actual glass. These materials are made to be a bit flexible, so they can more easily absorb the impact from ballistic rounds than traditional glass on its own. So if a security incident does occur, the material will not shatter or spall. Instead, it stays intact when struck with ballistics that fall under the rating that a particular piece of material is approved for. For instance, some panes are rated to withstand a few shots from a low caliber handgun, while others are approved for higher caliber or even shotgun rounds. Even though no material is completely “bullet proof,” these panes are able to resist penetration of the bullet and shattering upon initial impact, and prevent harmful shards or debris from creating extra hazards for employees, visitors, and anyone who may be present when an incident occurs. 

Installing bandit barriers at your location does not guarantee that there won’t be any armed robberies, thefts, or attempts at your location. However, they can help you minimize the likelihood of these events occurring and severely lessen their impact over time. They may be especially beneficial when paired with other security measures to create a secure environment where employees feel safe working and customers and visitors feel secure as well. 


How Do They Discourage or Prevent Armed Robberies?

Bandit barriers aren’t just about stopping armed robberies that do take place. They can also sometimes deter potential robberies from occurring altogether. Many of these incidents are crimes of opportunity. So if you install bandit barriers over countertop systems at convenience stores, retail locations, or financial institutions, it may force potential assailants to think twice about targeting your location when they’re looking for an easy payday. 

In addition to stopping the potential loss of merchandise or cash, the idea of deterring crime before it starts can also help businesses and building owners create environments where employees and customers feel safe and secure. The fewer violent incidents there are at a location, the less that business is going to be associated with violent crime, and the fewer team members and visitors are going to be affected by stressful personal experiences that might shape their opinion of your location.

Additionally, bandit barriers can deter theft that may take place during “smash and grab” or other types of forced entry scenarios where perpetrators aren’t necessarily armed. These incidents are nearly always carried out when assailants spot an easy target and think they can simply take off with valuable merchandise without being apprehended. Since bandit barriers are resistant to ballistics and many forced entry threats, they aren’t likely to shatter or give way when thieves try to manipulate them. And many aren’t likely to even attempt this style of theft when there’s any sort of barrier present in the first place. So you can use them to keep merchandise safe and prevent employees from witnessing or being a part of any stressful or scary situations related to these types of theft. 

If you think that your facility could benefit from installing bandit barriers, contact Insulgard today to discuss your options. We offer a variety of materials and solutions to fit the needs of specific companies, financial institutions, and even government facilities. Our team can help you choose the best options for your needs, customize them to your specific building and protection standards, and then install them at your location. In addition to bandit barriers, we offer a variety of products designed to provide protection against everything from extreme weather to forced entry, and our products are tested to meet rigorous safety and protection standards. To start discussing bandit barriers or any other physical security needs, get in touch with our team today.

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