When it comes to bullet resistant glass for corporate headquarters, physical safety of employees and anyone else in the building should always be a top priority. Corporate headquarters can sometimes become targets for people who wish to do harm or create damage, which makes it necessary for decision makers to take steps to protect those in the building.

Bullet resistant glass and safe rooms can go a long way toward providing peace of mind and physical protection for management, team members, and anyone else in the building. Here’s what you should know about these structures and how they can benefit corporate businesses and their team members.


Bulletproof Glass for a Safe Room Enhances Building Security in Corporate HQs

When it comes to adding bulletproof or bullet resistant glass to corporate headquarters, one of the best things you can do to enhance safety at your facility is to include a safe room in the design. These spaces are constructed out of bullet resistant glass and framing materials and are located somewhere in the interior of the building. 

You can work with a bullet resistant glass supplier to purchase the materials that are most likely to stand up to any relevant threats your company faces, and then have the structure constructed to your exact specifications. Basically, the space should serve as a place for your team to hide out in case a safety threat is able to enter the building. So it should be located somewhere accessible and large enough to contain those who would require protection in the event of a security threat.


Benefits of Bullet Resistant Glass for Corporate HQ Safe Rooms

Bullet resistant glass is made to withstand a fair amount of ballistic impact without breaking or shattering. The exact amount of ballistic protection provided depends on the type of material used and the level of testing standards the material has achieved. Underwriter’s Laboratory has a series of ratings designed to determine exactly what type of ballistics each type of material can withstand and for how long. One type of bullet resistant glass isn’t necessarily better than others. They just provide protection against different types of ballistics. So it’s more important to assess your HQ’s potential threats and choose a material that stands up against that threat than it is to assume a Level 8 product is automatically better than a Level 4 product. 

Not only does this stop the actual ballistics from doing serious physical harm to people in the building, but it also prevents the glass from shattering into sharp pieces that can also prevent safety hazards. By holding the material in place even after multiple ballistic impacts, it can prevent even more injuries or accidents from occurring around the facility. 

Finally, having ballistic protections in place can also deter potential intruders from even targeting a business or its headquarters in the first place. If they know that a building has a safe room, they might decide not to even attempt entering by force. Additionally, if they do try but run into issues, it can give first responders more time to respond and increase the likelihood that the offender is caught before they’re able to do any more serious damage. 

Even if bullet resistant glass is never actually put to use, the fact that it exists can provide peace of mind to employees and those who visit your HQ. If they can come into work and feel safe even if there is an extreme incident or even a harsh weather event, it can potentially improve morale and happiness around the facility. Though the testing standards are different, there are also safe room materials and designs designed to provide protection against extreme weather and impact, so they could increase safety in the event of a hurricane or tornado.


Why “Bulletproof” Glass Is a Misnomer

Though bullet resistant glass is often referred to as “bulletproof,” this term is not entirely accurate. No material is ever fully bulletproof, per se. With enough ballistic force repeated over enough time, everything in the universe would eventually break down or degrade. The same is true with bullet resistant glass. 

However, many of these materials are tested to withstand numerous ballistic impacts and stay together without any breakage or spalling within those parameters. The chances that someone would have the time and ability to break through a safe room made with bullet resistant materials is much smaller than the chances of them breaking through other materials.


Situations Where Bullet Resistant Glass Is a Necessity at Corporate HQ

Bullet resistant glass can benefit nearly any type of corporate headquarters. It can provide protection from intruders who wish to do harm related to theft or personal grudges with someone at the facility. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult for businesses to predict exactly when these situations might arise, so it’s always best to be prepared beforehand just in case a threat arises. 

If you’re interested in improving safety at your corporate HQ, Insulgard can help. We offer a variety of solutions for all of your ballistic protection and corporate security needs, including bullet resistant glass and full safe room systems. We also provide safe room products aimed at providing protection from extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. All of our BulletBlock products are aimed at providing a high level of ballistic protection against a variety of potential threats. And our products are tested to meet UL testing requirements and other high industry standards. If you’re interested in any bullet resistant glass products or safe room systems, contact us today. Our team can walk you through all of the BulletBlock protection options to help you find the solutions that are most suited to your company’s needs and budget. 

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