Bullet Resistant Windows and Doors for Data Processing Centers

Bullet-resistant windows and doors for data processing centers help protect against breaches. Data breaches can have far-reaching consequences. Companies that allow customer data to fall into the wrong hands can lose millions of dollars in recovery costs, legal fees, and damage to their reputation. Organizations that have their data destroyed or mishandled can lose proprietary information or data that is necessary for continuing their operations. 

That’s why data center security is so important. But it’s not only about cybersecurity. Physical security is also an essential part of protecting data centers and the sensitive or proprietary information contained within. Here’s more information about the security challenges that data center operators face, as well as the benefits of bullet-resistant windows and doors for physical protection. 

Are Data Processing Centers at Risk? The Need for Increased Bullet Resistant Protection

When most people think about cybersecurity, they think about virtual measures that individuals, companies, and government agencies can take to prevent hackers from reaching their data from a remote location. Of course, these measures are exceptionally important for preventing data from getting into the wrong hands. But it’s not the only form of protection that’s necessary.

Data centers are the physical storage facilities that house the servers and on-site data storage materials for private and public entities. Due to the increase in remote cloud storage and big data, these facilities often house information from a large variety of different entities. This increases convenience and gives people more storage options. But it also makes these data centers more attractive targets for people with bad intentions. 

Criminals who gain access to important or sensitive data can use it to steal money, commit identity theft, use it as leverage against corporations or public officials, or even hamper business continuity or disaster preparedness. 

Though virtual attacks get much of the attention today, physical security breaches are still possible. And they can be just as devastating, if not more so, to the entities that store their information in these data centers. That’s why it’s so important to have critical infrastructure in place to prevent physical theft, attack, or damage to these structures. 

Bullet Resistant Windows/Doors for Data Center Security Entrances

Physical data center breaches may not get as much press coverage as virtual ones. However, it’s still important to keep the structures around data storage systems as secure as humanly possible. To make these data centers more physically secure, ballistic protection is a must. The doors, windows, and possible entry points throughout the building should be constructed using bullet-resistant glazing and reinforced materials that are designed to absorb ballistic impact and prevent shattering and spalling. 

Of course, no material is truly “bulletproof,” even though that’s a common term used to describe bullet-resistant windows and doors. With enough ballistic impact over time, every material will eventually break down. However, bullet-resistant products are made to more effectively absorb the impact and prevent breakage from certain types of ballistic threats. 

There are several different levels and testing standards for ballistic protection. Underwriter’s Laboratory has outlined a rating system that details exactly what type of ballistic threat a particular product is designed to protect against.

If you invest in UL 752 Level 1 products, you can feel confident that they can withstand the impact from three shots from a 124-grain 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core at an fps between 1175 and 1293. If you invest in products tested against UL 752 Level 8 standards, you know they can withstand five shots of a 150-grain 7.62mm rifle lead core full metal copper jacket military ball (.308 caliber) at an fps between 2750 and 3025. These ratings are not linear. So higher numbers do not necessarily correlate with better overall protection. It’s more about choosing the options that best match the specific type of threat that a structure might face. Additionally, these testing standards ensure that products like bullet-resistant windows and doors must stay completely intact when struck with the particular ballistics specified by UL 752. That means there should be no spalling or breakage at all within those limitations. 

How Bullet Resistant Windows Protect Security Entrances

Data centers don’t necessarily need a ton of windows, since they’re not often visited by the public and don’t require a ton of exterior visibility. However, there may be some exterior or interior spaces where windows may be beneficial for aesthetics, lighting, or interior visibility. 

In those areas, the windows should be considered a possible entry point and secured in the same way as a door or other vulnerable spot. Bullet-resistant glass and framing systems are essential for preventing forced entry into important data storage areas within a physical data center. 

How Bullet Resistant Doors Reinforce Building Security for Data Centers

Doors are essential entry points for data centers. They allow staff members and IT professionals to access important servers and provide necessary service or maintenance to keep your data infrastructure secure. However, they can also be very popular targets for those looking to steal or compromise data. 

Both interior and exterior doors can provide important protection for the valuable information stored in data centers. Using bullet-resistant doors and other materials that provide ballistic protection, you can help to ensure that those with nefarious intentions cannot easily access the most sensitive or vulnerable data locations on site. 

When used in conjunction with quality access control systems, you can stop or dramatically slow down those who are trying to gain entry without authorization. Even if someone is attempting to use force to get through bullet-resistant doors, they are likely to be slowed down enough through multiple layers of security that they may very well be caught before they can do any real damage or theft. 

If you’re interested in improving data center security with bullet-resistant doors and windows, Insulgard can help. We offer a variety of solutions to help you protect against ballistics, forced entry, and extreme weather events. Our BulletBlock line of products includes windows, doors, framing systems, and glazing products that provide a high level of ballistic protection against a variety of potential threats.

Our products are tested to meet UL testing requirements and other high industry standards. Our team can walk you through all of the BulletBlock protection options to help you find the solutions that are most suited to your data center’s needs and budget. If you’re looking to protect your facility and deter security threats, contact us today

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