bulletproof doors for banks

Bulletproof windows for financial institutions

Bulletproof windows for financial institutions are very important. Financial institutions face a number of serious threats, from theft to violence against employees. So it’s essential to have sufficient security solutions, such as bulletproof doors, in place to prevent major loss and make sure that team members can feel safe coming to work and interacting with customers. 

Bulletproof windows and doors can go a long way in providing a safe and secure environment, while also protecting the assets of financial institutions and their customers. Here’s a little more about the options available and why they’re so important for facilities like banks, credit unions, and check cashing centers. 


Secure Enclosures for Banks, Credit Unions, and Check Cashiers

Financial institutions are naturally very attractive targets for criminals, since they tend to keep a lot of cash and valuables on hand. Bank robberies might not get the press they once did, but they are still a fairly common occurrence in communities around the country. However, protective countertop systems, doors, and bullet resistant windows for banks can help to protect those valuables as well as the people inside. 

Though no material is fully “bulletproof,” these materials can often stand multiple ballistic rounds without breaking or spalling. They can be installed around the entire institution to prevent break-ins after hours or whenever an exterior threat is present. They can also provide protection for employees who work in customer facing positions by providing a protective barrier in the customer service area that still allows for seamless interactions. 


How Bandit Barriers Secure Financial Institutions

Bandit barriers are often included inside financial institutions. Bandit barrier installers provide a layer of protection between tellers or other employees and the public, while still offering clear visibility so team members can easily interact with and help customers with their various banking needs. 

In most cases, these bandit barriers act as a deterrent. Most people who are looking to commit theft are trying to make the process as easy as possible. So if a would-be robber checks out an institution and sees that a secure enclosure is in place, they are likely to look for other targets where no barrier exists. Even if they do attempt to breach the barrier, the strong material can keep team members safe for a longer period of time and give first responders more time to arrive at the scene before any major damage is done. 


How Bullet Resistant Windows Provide Security for Tellers and Cashiers in the Workplace

In addition to the bandit barrier in the reception or customer service area of a financial institution, many banks can also benefit from having bullet resistant windows and doors installed throughout their facilities. These can prevent exterior threats from entering the building when no one is present. They can also protect people inside if there’s an emergency or lockdown situation. 

These materials can be installed throughout both the interior and exterior of a financial institution. So you may choose to shore up the outside of your building if you’re worried about break-ins, or you could focus on interior areas that hold valuables or protected employee areas. You could also outfit your entire building with these solutions for protection from a wide array of threats. It’s all about evaluating the potential issues that your institution might face and then customizing the security solutions to fit your needs. 


How Bulletproof Window Installers Like Insulgard Provide a Turnkey Solution

Many financial institutions overlook bullet resistant windows and doors as security solutions because of misconceptions about the cost and the process of getting set up. They often think it’s too complicated or time consuming to find products, customize those solutions for their facilities, and then get everything installed. However, you don’t need to find multiple companies to work with or pay extra for both materials and installation service. 

The bank security enclosure installers at Insulgard can supply you with the right materials for your financial institution and get your building completely set up without hassle. This can help your bank or credit union keep costs in check so you can easily manage your building improvements budget. And it can also make the process run much more smoothly. You don’t need to waste valuable time and resources going back and forth with different manufacturers and installation companies to make sure everything is made and installed correctly. We’ll provide a solution that is customized to the specific needs of your institution and then ensure that everything fits and functions as intended throughout the installation process.


Insulgard Has Secured Financial Institutions for Over 40 Years

If you’re thinking about improving physical security at your bank, credit union, or check cashing center, you need an experienced team of installers and professionals who can help you select and customize bulletproof windows for financial institutions. Insulgard has more than 40 years of experience helping these facilities improve safety and security, and we’re ready to help you do the same. 

We offer a variety of solutions to protect buildings from ballistics and extreme weather. Our BulletBlock line of products includes windows, doors, framing systems, and glazing products that provide a high level of ballistic protection against a variety of threats. And our products are tested to meet the highest industry standards. In addition to exterior windows and doors, we also offer counter systems that give team members the opportunity to seamlessly interact with customers. You can even add trays, package passing units, and communication systems to help facilitate easy transactions and communication. To find the solutions that are most suited to your financial institution’s needs and budget, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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