impact resistant windows providing security for payment center customer service employees

Impact resistant windows, security barriers, and bullet resistant windows are just some of the ways customer service and payment centers protect employees. Employee safety should be a top concern for every business, organization, and government entity. For those with team members that regularly interact with the public, it can sometimes be difficult to control and prevent threats or violence. However, there are measures you can put in place to deter some of these issues and keep employees as safe as possible. 

Bullet resistant windows, doors, and other protective systems are a strong option for deterring violence and helping team members enjoy safer working conditions. Here’s what you need to know about the products available, as well as why it’s so important for businesses and organizations to consider these physical security measures. 

Increase in Shootings & Workplace Violence

In the US, shootings and cases of workplace violence have increased dramatically in recent years. There’s seemingly constant media coverage of gun violence that impacts members of the public. And employees who work in customer facing positions can also face serious threats or concerns about their own safety at work. This can be especially prevalent in businesses or organizations that deal with transactions involving large amounts of money, like power companies or internet and cable providers. 

Not only does this type of violence impact physical safety, but it can also be difficult for people’s mental wellbeing. When team members don’t feel safe at work, they’re likely to be stressed and distracted. Overall, it’s not a healthy and sustainable way to work on a day-to-day basis, even if there’s never an actual incident where anyone is put in harm’s way. 


Security Barriers & Impact Resistant Windows Help Protect Employees

For employees who regularly interact with the public, like those working for power companies, water departments, or telephone and cable companies, physical security can go a long way toward combating these issues. Measures like security barriers and impact resistant windows provide a layer of protection between them and potential threats. 

These products are made to withstand impact from ballistic rounds and forced entry. Though no material is truly bulletproof, these items are tested and proven not to break or shatter when exposed to specific types of ballistics. This gives employees a better chance of avoiding threats, while also giving first responders more time to respond before serious damage is done. These measures can also act as a deterrent, since many intruders or would-be shooters tend to act impulsively or look for easy targets. So they can sometimes stop threats before an attack even starts. 

Finally, these products offer peace of mind to employees who might otherwise be concerned about physical safety issues. Instead of constantly feeling worried and exposed to the unknown, they can take comfort in knowing that there’s a strong layer of protection in front of them. 


Operable Security Windows Can Be Opened or Closed by Employees

Of course, most utility providers and other companies with in-person customer service staff don’t want their employees to be too cut off from the public. This can make their job more complicated and make the company seem inaccessible. However, security barriers do not need to be bulky or inoperable in order to offer sufficient protection. 

Today’s bullet resistant windows for payment centers offer full visibility and easy communication. The clear material allows team members to clearly view the entire space and have a full face-to-face conversation with the customers they’re serving. They also allow noise to pass through without much restriction. And there are even extra accessories you can add to protective counter systems to make certain types of interactions easier. 


How Package Exchange Units Can Help Secure the Workplace

More specifically, you can customize the bullet resistant windows for your water department or cable company by adding package exchange units, trays, and communication systems. These add-ons allow you to easily pass products, money, or other items back and forth inside of a secure unit. They can also make it easier to hear and communicate clearly if you’re in a particularly noisy or obstructed environment.

For example, if a customer brings their cable box into their utility provider to trade it in or fix an issue, a package exchange unit will transport the item securely to your team, so no one has to leave the secure area to retrieve the item in question. You can also use these systems to accept payments, check identification, or easily share information back and forth.


Insulgard Provides Custom Security Solutions for Every Scenario

Different businesses and facilities have varying needs when it comes to physical security. Some providers need inconspicuous security windows for their customer service areas. Others want their entire building outfitted with bullet resistant windows and doors. You and your team know your security needs better than anyone, but you still need a trusted bullet resistant glass provider to help you create those custom security solutions. 

Insulgard is an experienced provider of security barriers for customer service centers. We offer a variety of solutions that we can help you customize to your building’s exact needs. Whether you want simple yet operable security windows for a countertop customer service area or a building that’s completely stocked with bullet resistant doors and windows both inside and out, our team can provide a turnkey solution with both products and installation service. 

Some of our options include bullet resistant windows, doors, frames, counter systems, glazing products, and safe rooms. All of our ballistic protection products are tested to meet the highest industry standards. To find the solutions that are most suited to the needs of your power company, water department, or utility service, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options. 

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