bulletproof glass distributorBulletproof Glass Distributors Will See Elevated Growth Trend Through 2026 – In 2020, the country and the world have seen huge changes – and citizens are becoming more willing to express opinions or frustrations with their leaders and communities than ever before. 

These changes can have an impact on businesses and property owners in numerous ways. But one of the major considerations that these stakeholders must now consider is physical security. Even if many of the community members making their voices heard are peaceful and have positive intentions, the small amount who turn to violence and destruction could create major issues for Main Street Businesses and those who work in or patronize those establishments. 

Bulletproof glass distributors can be a big part of the solution for these companies and property owners. As such, these distributors are projected to see elevated growth between now and 2026. If you distribute physical security solutions to companies or want to learn more about how businesses can protect their assets during this time, read on for a guide. 


How Current Events Impact Building Security

Security is often impacted by what’s happening around the world. Issues that make people feel less safe and secure often lead to social unrest, which can bring about both peaceful protests and violent incidents. The year 2020 has been full of issues that fall into this category. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to economic uncertainty, divisiveness, and many around the world feeling a loss of safety and security. Additionally, protests have erupted in many major U.S. cities regarding police brutality and racial justice issues. On top of it all, a contentious election season has brought up plenty of negative emotions and talking points from every angle. 

All of these issues can pile on one another to create feelings of uncertainty, which can lead to a variety of contentious events and encounters. For example, social justice protests erupted around the country and the world this summer. Though many of these encounters were peaceful demonstrations, some did escalate into violence. Unfortunately, much of that ire was left on the doorstep of the businesses and buildings in those communities. Restaurants, shops, and residential buildings played host to vandalism, break ins, theft, and even acts of physical violence against employees, building owners, and visitors. This has many commercial owners thinking about physical security upgrades that may deter or prevent these incidents in the future. 


How Bulletproof Glass Distributors Can Help

There are many ways to address building security. However, bullet resistant and forced entry glass can be one of the most effective methods. These products provide a strong surface that slows or prevents ballistic rounds from shattering or breaking through the barrier. There are also options that are optimized against forced entry threats, like break ins using hammers, pipes, or flying projectiles. 

In essence, bulletproof glass distributors can give businesses and commercial building owners easy access to solutions that lessen the chances of physical damage or injury. These products can be retrofitted to storefronts or even installed over countertops or product displays to protect workers and/or valuable items. This can lower the likelihood of expensive damage, significant loss, and physical injuries occurring at these establishments. Since many businesses are already hurting due to shutdowns or diminished traffic this year, avoiding these types of disruptions can be vital to keeping small businesses and essential companies up and running. 


Trends Impacting Bulletproof Glass Distributors

Several market research firms and industry experts have predicted significant growth for the bullet resistant glass market between now and 2026. In fact, projections find that the market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 31.7 percent. And the market should reach 8.36 billion by 2025. 

This significant growth is mainly attributed to growing concerns about safety and security in communities around the world. Though many of those concerns have existed in years past, 2020 has really brought them to the forefront of many people’s minds. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased uncertainty around the world. And social justice protests regarding racism and policing have popped up in cities across the globe. 

The presence of a 24-hour news cycle means that people are constantly exposed to video and images of these incidents, and violent and destructive acts are usually highlighted most prominently. This has led to more and more businesses and building owners thinking about upgrading their security features to include impact resistant or bulletproof glass. These products can shore up building exteriors and make vandalism, damage, and violent acts against employees and visitors significantly less likely. 

Essentially, businesses that distribute physical security or building products to commercial property owners need to be aware of this increase in demand so they can make high quality products available to those who need them most. There are no products available that can completely eliminate threats of physical violence and damage. But providing these solutions allows bulletproof glass contractors to support their communities and keep businesses and their employees as safe as possible. 

For those looking to make the most of the products in this growing market, Insulgard can help. We offer a wide array of bullet resistant glass products, from secure entryways and countertop systems to exterior windows and doors. Our products are produced by top manufacturers and are tested and certified by recognized entities like UL. We also help clients customize bullet resistant glass to the exact specifications needed for each building or project. And our team can even help clients with things like finding distributors and qualified installation professionals in your area. If you’re looking for bulletproof glass distributors to improve physical security, contact our team today. 


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