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Commercial Security Doors, Projectile Proof Windows, and Storefronts – Current events often change the way that businesses and property owners think. This isn’t just about changing a marketing plan or releasing new products. It can also be about addressing physical security concerns. 

This year has brought about a lot of uncertainty for businesses and commercial building owners. From the COVID-19 pandemic to protests that sometimes turn destructive, security is a concern for a lot of stakeholders in 2020. 

Luckily, upgrades like projectile proof windows and commercial bullet-resistant security doors can help many of these businesses avoid major losses and keep employees and visitors safe. Here’s a guide to these products and why they can be so beneficial for buildings in 2020 and beyond. 

Retrofitting Your Storefront – How to Secure the Storefront

Some businesses are just considering projectile-proof glass and similar upgrades for the first time this year. However, many of these structures have existing windows, doors, and storefronts already in place. So installing stock products to structures where they may not fit can make the whole process seem like a hassle. 

Luckily, there are options for retrofitting these upgrades to existing structures. This involves first evaluating the storefront and how the space is used. For example, some businesses may have entryways that are more open than others. Some have large windows that make them especially vulnerable to break-ins or damage. And some may even require protection for special features like automatic or revolving doors. If you work with an experienced security glass contractor, they can help you customize materials like store security doors and projectile-proof glazing to fit the exact specifications of your building. 

The Difference Between Bullet Resistant and Forced Entry Products

Before you can purchase or retrofit security products like commercial security doors and windows to your storefront, you need to determine what materials are the best fit for your needs. More specifically, do you need bullet-resistant or forced-entry glazing materials? Each of these options offers a security upgrade, but they accomplish that goal in different ways. 

Bullet-resistant glass is made to withstand the impact of ballistic rounds. It’s commonly referred to as “bulletproof glass,” even though no material is fully impervious to damage from ballistic rounds if enough force is used over time. However, these materials can absorb a lot of energy in one concentrated spot to stop or slow a bullet from breaking through. Different ratings and levels of this material protect various types of ballistic rounds. For example, some lower levels protect from a few shots from a handgun, while higher-rated panels may protect against larger rounds from rifles or shotguns. 

Forced entry products like projectile-proof glass do not necessarily protect from ballistic threats. But they can stop or slow break-ins from other physical threats. For example, a panel may not break when struck with a hammer, sledgehammer, steel bar, or similar item. Many businesses may be more likely to face threats from physical objects than from actual ballistic rounds, so this type of material would likely be sufficient. 

Protecting Your Business From Rioting with Commercial Security Doors

Riots are a major concern for a variety of commercial properties in 2020. Since you cannot control how your community responds to a crisis, one of the main things that building owners can focus on is protecting their location so their employees and visitors are safe just in case violence erupts. 

The first step in protecting a business or commercial property is to evaluate what type of physical security threat is most likely. In many cases, breakage from a physical object is a higher concern than guns. This is especially relevant for Main Street businesses that are just concerned about vandalism or crimes of opportunity that may come as a result of social unrest. In these instances, situations tend to escalate over time rather than being planned. So individuals are likely to simply use items in the direct vicinity of a building rather than actual weapons. However, businesses that keep a lot of cash or valuables on hand, like banks and jewelry stores, may sometimes be targeted in planned attacks that involve guns. In these instances, the extra protection that ballistic glass offers over projectile-proof glass may be worthwhile. 

Once you’ve determined the type of protective barrier that is most relevant to your business, it’s time to work with a bullet-resistant glass contractor to find the exact materials that work for your needs and then retrofit structures to fit your building. Some businesses may simply require store security doors that are made of projectile-proof materials. However, others may require custom storefronts that protect the building from every angle. 

If you’re looking for projectile-proof glass, store security doors, or other physical security enhancements for your commercial building, contact Insulgard to discuss your options today. We offer a wide array of protective solutions, from forced entry glazing to ballistic doors and windows. We work with top manufacturers to provide quality products, and all of our solutions are tested and certified by UL, so you can feel confident about receiving a high level of protection. Our team walks clients through every step of the process, from selecting materials to locating qualified installation professionals in your area. We can also help clients customize solutions and retrofit products to their existing storefront or location. To discuss projectile-proof glass, commercial security doors, or even ballistic glazing solutions, contact our team today.

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