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How Effective Is Bullet Proof Glass for Bank Teller Windows?

How effective is bulletproof glass for bank teller windows? Bank teller security glazing or bandit barriers are designed to provide a protective barrier between employees at financial institutions and the customers they serve. It is generally fabricated from 1 ¼” to 1 ⅜” clear acrylic sheet or laminated polycarbonate that is able to withstand ballistic impact and forced entry. 

This isn’t a brand-new concept — bulletproof glass has been used in everything from government vehicles to convenience stores for years. And banks have long been considered high risk targets for armed robberies, due mainly to the high volume of cash they keep on site. 

However, recently, an increasing amount of financial institutions have started taking this type of physical security more seriously. Since bank teller security glass provides such a practical and effective solution, it has become almost standard fare at banks, credit unions, and similar locations that deal with large amounts of money or financial data throughout the country. 

So, just how effective are these solutions at stopping armed robberies and other acts of violence at these facilities? Here’s a rundown of the trends that are currently affecting the industry and the effectiveness of bank teller security glass. 

Are Other Banks and Financial Institutions Following a Trend of Security Glass Upgrades?

Bank teller security glass has been around for years. However, it has gained significantly more popularity over the past several years. And it’s not just traditional banks and credit unions that have been making use of this product. Popular financial app Robinhood recently installed protective glass solutions around the entryway of its headquarters after frustrated traders began showing up in person to air their grievances. 

Essentially, bank teller security glass and other bulletproof glass solutions provide a versatile solution for everything from countertops where transactions occur to building entryways where customers have to pass by security cameras or screening procedures. The popular countertop solutions are clear and make it easy for tellers and customers to interact and complete transactions. And entryway systems, doors, and windows can prevent outside visitors from breaching the interior of buildings that they should not have access to. The versatility of these solutions, along with increased knowledge about potential ballistic threats, have helped to fuel the increased demand for these solutions.   

Reasons Why Banks Are Updating or Upgrading Their Security Glass

Banks have traditionally been a popular target for armed robberies because they tend to keep large amounts of cash on site. This makes these institutions attractive for those who want a quick and significant payday. And while it may seem that bank robberies are mainly a thing of the past, they still occur regularly throughout the country. In fact, police have arrested bank robbery suspects in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Arizona, among others — all within the past week. 

Bank teller security glass isn’t just about protecting financial assets, either. These simple barriers can also help to keep tellers and other workers safe. And that increased feeling of security can make them feel more satisfied at work and likely to stick around rather than looking for safer employment elsewhere. Thus, they can help to decrease turnover and enhance working conditions, which makes the experience better for both team members and customers. 

Just How Effective Is Bullet Proof Glass for Bank Teller Windows?

Bulletproof glass is a common moniker for bank teller security windows and similar products. However, no material is able to hold up against ballistic impact indefinitely. With enough force over a long enough period of time, all glazing can eventually be defeated. 

What bullet resistant glass does provide is protection from specific ballistic threats. Each product is rated to stand up against a specific type and amount of ballistic rounds. For example, some can withstand three shots from a small handgun without allowing penetration of the round or glass spall. Others are rated to withstand multiple rounds of a military rifle.  If assailants want to get past these glass panels, they will need to fire a significant amount of rounds. This increases the amount of time needed to get past each barrier, which in turn increases the likelihood of them getting caught before achieving their goal. It also gives tellers or other workers more time to get to safety or call for help if needed. 

Additionally, many armed robbers are looking for easy targets when they choose banks or other businesses to rob. If bank teller security glass is in place, that provides a strong signal that a target is not going to fit into this category. This may cause them to choose another target or rethink their plans entirely. Basically, it can make both employees and visitors safer by decreasing the likelihood of a robbery or attack occurring in the first place. 

Overall, no security measure is going to be able to completely eliminate armed robbery threats from financial institutions. But bulletproof glass and secure transaction windows can help keep tellers safer and decrease the likelihood of successful robberies.  

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of bank teller security glass, contact us to discuss your options. We offer a wide array of BR glass products, including secure entryways, counterline window systems, and doors.

Insulgard Security Products will work with you to provide a customized solution for your specific security need, and we will work with you every step of the process, from material selection to locating qualified installation professionals in your area.

Our solutions are tested and certified by recognized entities like UL, so they’re able to meet the highest safety standards in the industry. To discuss bank teller security glass or other bulletproof glass solutions, contact our team today

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