BR glass for commercial buildingThinking about ballistic threats to a commercial or public building may seem intimidating. However, it is necessary to consider worst case scenarios in order to enact the security measures necessary to provide a high level of protection for both employees and visitors at your facility. 

Ballistic threats can come in various forms. Some may involve worries about physical violence against workers or members of the public. Others may simply involve concerns about vandalism or theft. In any of these instances, bullet resistant glass and similar materials may help businesses and government agencies more effectively protect people and property, either by providing a strong barrier or by deterring violent acts in the first place. 

If you’re in charge of making decisions about physical security for commercial or public buildings, here are some of the most important things to know about potential ballistic threats and the benefits of BR glass in protecting against them.  


Are Commercial and Public Buildings at Risk of Ballistic Threats?

Pretty much any building that is accessible to the public or even just to a team of workers may face some level of ballistic threat. Of course, some are more likely than others to actually experience these incidents. For example, shops that sell valuable items like jewelry may be targeted by assailants looking for a big payday. Businesses with late hours that deal mainly in cash like convenience stores are more likely to be targeted when it comes to quick crimes of opportunity. Office buildings may be targeted by disgruntled current or ex-employees. And government buildings could be threatened by angry members of the public. 

This doesn’t mean that every commercial building with valuable products or any public building that deals with unpopular public policies are constantly under siege. In fact, violent acts are relatively rare in all commercial and public buildings. However, even if it is unlikely that your facility will ever have to deal with theft, vandalism, or violence involving ballistic threats, it is still likely worth taking some steps to prevent these incidents or provide protection just in case they do occur. 


What Are Some of the Protection Options, and What Role Does BR Glass Play?

There are many different options for deterring violence and crime or minimizing the impact of these incidents. For example, some public and commercial buildings place visible security cameras around their facilities to deter crime and catch offenders. Others may employ physical security guards to monitor their facilities. Some even screen visitors using metal detectors or bag checks before allowing individuals to enter a facility. 

Then, of course, there is bullet resistant or BR glass. This material is made using multiple layers of glass or other strong materials like polycarbonate or acrylic. It is designed to withstand the impact of specific ballistic rounds not allowing penetration of the round or any type of spall from the glazing itself.  Though all materials, even BR glass, will break down eventually when struck by enough force over time, the strength of these barriers can make it significantly more difficult for assailants to break through to the other side. These materials may protect a building’s exterior windows and doors to prevent after-hours break-ins. Or they may protect workers with countertop or entryway systems. Some even protect valuable products, like protective covers installed over jewelry displays. 

The idea is that if an assailant does attempt to break through any of these barriers, they either won’t physically be able to or it will take significantly more time for them to do so. This can give individuals on the other side enough time to get safely away or make it more likely for first responders to catch these intruders before any major damage is done. Additionally, many who are attempting various crimes are likely to think twice about targeting buildings where BR glass and other protective solutions are in place. So this solution may prevent some incidents from occurring before they ever even start. 


Recent News and Developments That May Necessitate The Need for BR Glass

The benefits of BR glass have always been there. However, some recent developments across the country may make it even more beneficial for certain commercial and public buildings to consider these solutions. Specifically, widespread social unrest throughout the country has led to some outbreaks of violence directed at public buildings, particularly those involved in controversial public policies or decisions. 

Though many cities have been host to peaceful protests, some have also turned violent. And unfortunately, much of that violence has occured near commercial buildings. Main Street businesses have faced vandalism, theft, and violence against employees in some areas. Even if these issues are relatively rare, it’s important to consider the possibilities when planning for future physical security measures like BR glass. 

If you’re interested in protecting your commercial or public building with BR glass, contact Insulgard to discuss your options. We offer a wide array of solutions, including bullet resistant doors, windows, entryway systems, and countertop products. We also provide safe room solutions to protect communities in the event of major storms like tornadoes and hurricanes. Our products are manufactured in the United States and meet industry testing standards from recognized entities like UL. And we can help you customize secure glazing products to the exact specifications needed for your project. Additionally, we communicate with you through your project to help with everything from selecting the right materials to finding qualified installers in your area. To discuss BR solutions for your commercial or public building, contact our team today to get started. 


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