Safety is paramount in today’s schools. Districts face the challenge of finding ways to grant easy access to students, teachers, and administrators who need to be there, while also controlling access for others who may attempt to enter.

Physical security improvements like secure entryways can provide a sensible way for these schools to screen visitors and keep everyone safe. And even districts with tight budgets can consider implementing these solutions thanks to government safety grants and similar initiatives aimed at helping schools improve their facilities. 

If you’re interested in using school grants for security, here’s what you need to know about secure glazing for schools and similar security solutions.  

In Some Areas, Schools Are Losing an Active On-site Police Presence

For years, many schools have relied on an active police presence to deter potential intruders and prevent violent incidents from escalating. There are still many schools around the country that have dedicated officers. However, the national conversation has shifted, and now there are many districts that have made cuts or are considering making cuts to their police or physical security budgets. 

Many districts ultimately weigh parental and community concerns very highly when it comes to their security decisions. So the more people start to become uncomfortable with the idea of dedicated police officers at school, the more likely that even more districts begin making these changes. 

The debate over school officers is complicated and nuanced. But the need for some sort of security measures at school is clear. If buildings begin relying less on the presence of officers, they may benefit from other physical protection options. Secure glazing for schools is one way to give administrators more control over who gets access to the building. 

Recent Developments in School Security News

Luckily, there are other options for improving school security aside from having officers stationed at school buildings. Many districts are implementing physical safety upgrades like secure entryways for schools to fill in the gaps.

For instance, some schools in Austin, Texas recently invested in protective systems near their entrances. These protective barriers give school officials an easy way to screen students, teachers, and visitors before granting them access to the building. Anyone who has not been granted access to the main part of the building will not be able to pass through the protective barrier. 

Here’s a rundown of how these systems work. Schools order protective barriers that are custom-made to the dimensions of their entry area. These systems can also include doors or openings for those who have been granted access to pass through. Then schools can easily implement screening procedures, like sign-in policies or even metal detectors and bag checks that visitors must complete before being granted access. These visitors cannot easily get around these main entry points. So it becomes much easier for schools to know exactly who is in the building and for what purposes. 

The benefits of secure entryways for schools are numerous. First, they make it much more difficult for anyone to sneak into the main part of the building, since there are only one or two approved entry points that people can easily pass through. Secondly, they make it easier for school officials to screen visitors so they know who is in the building and why. They also make it more difficult for individuals to get into the main building by force since these barriers are generally able to withstand some ballistic impact before showing any signs of damage.

And finally, protective entryways for schools can also act as a deterrent. Those who wish to commit acts of violence or vandalism may be less likely to target a school or facility that has strong barriers in place, since they know it will be more difficult to get through and their chances of doing so without being detected are incredibly slim. 

What Your School Can Do to Benefit From Government Safety Grants

If you’re interested in using secure entryways for schools or other physical security measures at your educational facility but aren’t sure how to pay for these upgrades, you’re in luck. There are plenty of government safety grant opportunities, including some that have just recently been announced within the last year, that may help districts cover some of the costs of purchasing and installing these systems. Some are only available to schools in specific states. And all have outlined purposes. So be sure to read through each opportunity carefully and choose the options that are most relevant to your school district. Overall, these grant opportunities are designed to make it easier for school districts to take advantage of secure entryways and glazing products, ultimately making their facilities safer for students and educators. 

If you’re interested in using school grants for security upgrades, contact Insulgard to find the right solutions for your facility. We offer a wide array of secure entryways for schools and other security glazing products.

We work with top manufacturers in the industry to help you customize secure glazing for schools to the exact specifications needed for your entryway. We also communicate with clients through each step of the process, from selecting the right materials to finding qualified installers. And our solutions are tested and certified by recognized entities like UL to meet the highest possible standards in the industry. To discuss using school grants for security products like entryways or glazing, contact our team today to get started. 

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