Government building making use of bulletproof windows and doors

The physical security of government facilities is not only essential for protecting the operations those entities are responsible for. It is also paramount for keeping federal, state, and local government employees safe, as well as any citizens who may need to visit those buildings in person. 

There are many different government building security updates that may be necessary or beneficial for keeping these facilities as safe and secure as possible. While many agencies are likely to enact multiple solutions in tandem with one another, bulletproof windows and doors should often be included as part of the mix. 

If you’re responsible for considering government building security updates during this time, here’s what you need to know about the effectiveness of bulletproof windows and doors in these facilities. 

How the Current Climate Can Affect Building Safety for Government Buildings 

The COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest around the country have led to widespread unease in a wide array of communities. Government agencies often end up as targets for vandalism and violent acts. From smashed windows to planned attacks with high-grade weapons, many of these facilities can benefit from the added protection of bulletproof windows and doors. 

During uncertain times, the security of government buildings becomes even more important than ever. The public safety, health, and social services provided by many government entities are considered essential. Disruptions can lead to major issues for the communities they serve. It’s also essential to protect the workers and visitors of these facilities who often end up caught up in violent situations unintentionally. 

Are Bulletproof Windows and Doors Statistically Effective in Building Safety? 

Bulletproof windows and doors are not completely impervious to damage or penetration. Every material will eventually give way when struck by enough ballistic force over a long enough period of time. So the term “bulletproof,” though commonly used, is not especially accurate. Bullet resistance offers a more realistic view of the type of protection that these doors, windows, and other structures provide to government facilities and other important structures. 

However, even though they’re not completely impervious to damage, bulletproof windows and doors for government buildings can still provide a high level of physical protection and security. These products are produced with reinforced aluminum walls and glazing materials that incorporate polycarbonate and Urethane in the laminated makeup that absorbs the energy of the ballistic round and resists penetration and glass spalling to the interior/safe side.

There are multiple levels of protection available that correspond to different types and amounts of ballistic rounds. So whether you need protection against small caliber rounds or those from large rifles or shotguns, there are options available.

Tests have shown that bulletproof windows and doors for government buildings offer an extremely efficient way of dealing with excess kinetic energy. Basically, instead of the energy from ballistics immediately shattering the glass and allowing the round to penetrate with limited resistance; multiple layers of glass, polycarbonate, and Urethane laminated together can create a transparency that absorbs the impact resulting in no penetration from the projectile and limited damage to the window.  It stays intact and gives people more of a chance to get to safety while also providing time for authorities to act if necessary.

Additionally, many buildings have found that having these systems in place can make it less likely for people to target their facilities in the first place. So through physically preventing damage and deterring crimes before they start, these security upgrades can make a marked impact on safety over time. 

How Some Areas Are Providing Structural and Safety Updates to Municipal Buildings 

Some communities and government agencies are already starting to invest in government building security updates to protect their employees, visitors, and operations. For example, the community of Independence, Ohio recently increased physical security at its City Hall building by adding bulletproof glass to its entryway and reception area. This allows team members to safely grant access to those who need to enter the City Hall building or the adjacent police department. 

Many municipal, state, and federal government buildings that are still in use today are older buildings that don’t have a ton of modern security measures in place. These facilities can still provide plenty of functionality while also offering tons of character and history. However, communities that want to continue to use these facilities need to have them retrofitted with more modern protective security features if they want to enjoy this extra level of physical protection. 

Luckily, many bulletproof windows and doors for government buildings can be fabricated to meet specific size and shape requirements or even be completely customized to each individual space. For example, a courthouse or police station can have an entire bullet-resistant entryway system crafted to fit inside the very front of the building and in front of a reception area or a set of security screening tools like metal detectors. This ensures that there aren’t any obvious security vulnerabilities toward the front of the facility and allows government entities to grant safe passage to those who need to visit. 

If you think that your government building project could benefit from bulletproof windows and doors, contact Insulgard to discuss your options. We offer proven products from top manufacturers. And we are able to help builders customize protective systems to fit each facility’s exact specifications. All of our bullet-resistant glass solutions are tested and certified to meet specific criteria outlined by recognized entities like UL.

In addition to bulletproof doors and windows, we also offer full entryway systems, transaction windows, and safe room solutions. Our team can walk you through every step of the process, from choosing the materials that best suit your needs to connecting you with installation professionals who can complete the job. If you’re ready to discuss government building security updates and find the solutions that work for your project, contact our team today. 

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