workplace safety security glass as used in bullet resistant doors

Providing a safe workplace is a must for today’s employers. There are tons of different ways you can help team members feel safe and secure when they come to work. These methods can also help customers, clients, and other visitors feel safer when they need to do business at your facility in person. 

Though many workplaces will likely choose to enact multiple safety measures, security glass for facilities can be an incredibly effective upgrade for today’s workplaces. Here’s what you need to know about this increasingly popular security upgrade. 

How Security Glass Is Part of a Rising Trend in Some Areas 

Security glass is becoming an increasingly viable safety upgrade option for workplaces around the country. In fact, we’re already starting to see more and more facilities include this feature as a physical protection measure to provide a safer environment for team members and visitors. 

For example, school administrators around Austin, Texas recently invested in security glass for buildings throughout the district. This provides an easy way for officials to screen those who need to enter in order to provide a safer environment for the teachers and students inside. 

Does Security Glass for Employers Increase Workplace Safety? 

So how exactly does security glass for buildings improve safety conditions for employees and visitors? First, it helps to understand exactly what type of protection security glass provides. Different types of ballistic glazings include glass-clad polycarbonate, acrylic, polycarbonate, or all-glass laminates.

In all cases, these makeups are designed to absorb the impact of the bullet providing complete protection from penetration of the round or any glass spall to the interior. It’s important to note that no material will hold up forever under extreme ballistic force. However, each piece of material is tested to withstand a certain amount of ballistic impact. So when struck by the type of round it’s approved to protect against, it will continue to provide a solid source of protection.

In addition to the physical security that bullet-resistant glass provides, it can also serve as a deterrent against violent acts. When individuals know that security glass is in place at a particular building or facility, they may be less likely to target that spot for a robbery or violent act.

With these measures in place, they know it will be much more difficult to breach the doors and windows or entryway. And their chances of getting away quickly go down significantly, since it takes longer to breach this type of glass if they’re even able to at all. So many may simply think better of it or choose a different location instead. 

For employers, providing this type of physical security protection can help employees feel safer at work. Instead of worrying about their safety when they have interactions with members of the public, they can feel secure knowing these instances are less likely and that they have some level of protection in place just in case. This can in turn help them provide a better experience for visitors and be more productive at work. 

How Does Security Glass/Security Glazing Stack Up Against Other Safety Methods? 

Of course, security glass for buildings isn’t the only option that employers have for improving safety conditions. There are several other types of safety measures that companies and organizations may consider to limit the risk of violent incidents.

For example, they may institute policies about what types of items can be brought into the building. They may hire security personnel to check or monitor those who enter and exit. And they might install video monitoring or security alarm systems to catch those who attempt to break the rules.

In many instances, security glass for employers can be used in tandem with these other security measures. For example, some workplaces may choose to prohibit firearms or other weapons and have visitors go through security checks or metal detectors upon entering the building.

Security glass for facilities can be installed around these checkpoints so it’s easy to direct new visitors to these areas. And this prevents them from trying to sneak around these areas or forcing their way through. 

Demand Is Rising for Security Glass in Buildings 

Today, more and more businesses and facilities are considering physical security upgrades to protect their employees and visitors. This is part of a growing trend toward prioritizing safety at work. Whether it’s a large corporation, a small convenience store, or a government facility, more and more employers are beginning to understand why this type of investment is so important.

For example, many storefront businesses are investing in reinforced glass to protect against breakage related to social unrest around the country. Other businesses may be concerned about ballistic threats or after-hours robberies. Security glass for buildings can help to protect against a variety of threats, which is part of the reason why it’s becoming more relevant across the country. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Business’s Security Glass?

Insulgard offers a wide array of security glass for buildings, including doors, windows, entryway systems, and transaction windows. We work with clients through each step of the process, from material selection to installation. All of our solutions are tested and certified to meet specific criteria outlined by recognized entities like UL. Contact our team today to speak with one of our security glass experts.

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