bulletproof glass supplierAfter the uncertainty faced in 2020, many businesses, organizations, government agencies, and property owners are considering upgrades to their building security by considering a bulletproof glass supplier. Features like bullet resistant glass can go a long way toward making these facilities safer and helping these entities avoid major losses. 

However, each building has different needs when it comes to their physical security. Some may be more concerned about after-hours break-ins. Some may want to prevent vandalism and crimes of opportunity. And others may want to put more of their resources toward addressing potentially violent incidents against employees and/or visitors. 

That’s why working with an experienced and knowledgeable bulletproof glass supplier is so important. They can evaluate your needs and help you determine the security systems that are the best fit for your building and your particular security concerns and/or threat assessment. 

Here’s a guide to customizable building security options and what you need to discuss with your bulletproof glass supplier to get the highest level of protection possible.


What Securities Does a Bulletproof Glass Supplier Offer?

An experienced bulletproof glass supplier can offer a wide range of products designed to offer protection in scenarios including forced entry and ballistic threats. The materials used in these products can make it more difficult and time consuming for assailants to access a building, steal valuable items, or harm the people inside. This provides an overall safer and more predictable environment for companies and agencies to operate in. Here’s a rundown on the type of protection that these different solutions may offer.

Forced entry products are designed to protect against the force of impact from someone attempting to break into a building or otherwise compromise a barrier using brute force. For example, these windows could be installed around a building’s exterior, making it more difficult to break in after hours using items like a hammer or bat. Since the material is able to more effectively distribute the impact of these large items, it won’t simply shatter right away. An intruder would have to spend significantly more time and energy attempting to breach the door or window in question, increasing the likelihood of getting caught or being noticed before they can get away. 

On the other hand, bullet resistant products are tested to withstand the impact of specific levels of ballistic rounds. These materials are specially designed to absorb the massive amounts of energy released by a variety of firearms. There are products rated to protect against a wide array of weapons. So it may be beneficial to complete a threat assessment for your facility to determine what level of protection may be necessary or helpful to adequately defend your workers and visitors. 


Commercial Security Windows

Commercial security windows are some of the most popular protective solutions that businesses and organizations have access to today. These products can be installed in the interior or exterior of buildings. And they can protect against both forced entry and ballistic threats, as explored above. 

More specifically, commercial security windows may be installed around the exterior of a building to provide protection from outside threats. These can simply take the place of traditional windows and doors that would otherwise be made of glass and similar materials. Since security windows are made of reinforced materials like laminated glass or polycarbonate, they do not shatter in the same way when struck with forced entry or ballistic threats. These systems are most helpful when protecting against break-ins or vandalism that may occur when the building isn’t open. It may also be a relevant form of protection for buildings like government offices that are not open to the public on a daily basis. 

Protective systems can also be included in building entryways. In these systems, they are generally installed inside the building’s structure, but before visitors can enter the main part of the facility. They’re often placed around security or screening areas like metal detectors to easily facilitate these processes before visitors are able to enter a more secure area. These can be helpful in buildings like schools, police stations, and courthouses that require screening procedures prior to full entry. 

Commercial security windows can also be added over countertops to protect workers as they help members of the public and complete transactions. These versions of commercial security windows allow people to clearly see and speak with individuals on the other side, making customer service seamless. However, they provide a barrier that would make violent attacks less effective. This can deter criminals from carrying out acts like armed robberies that may put team members and visitors at risk. And in instances where there are attempts, these security products can make it significantly more difficult and time consuming for them to breach the secure area. This can give workers more of an opportunity to get to safety and provide more time for first responders to get to the scene. These systems are especially popular in banks or businesses where armed robbery is a concern, like marijuana dispensaries that keep large amounts of cash on hand or convenience stores where crimes of opportunity are common. 

If you’re looking for a bulletproof glass supplier that can customize protective solutions to the needs of your company or organization, contact Insulgard to discuss your options. We offer a wide array of ballistic and forced entry solutions that can be used to provide protection for government facilities, schools, churches, community centers, and private businesses. Our products are designed and  tested to ensure high levels of quality. Our team can even work with you to customize solutions to your existing facility or a new construction project. To speak with a bulletproof glass supplier that can provide the ideal solutions for your applications, visit our website to reach out.

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