Bullet resistant glass gets a lot of attention. But transparent doors and windows are not the only parts of a building that may be vulnerable to potential security threats. Fiberglass for ballistic threats can add an enhanced level of security. 

photo of a fiberglass wall for ballistic threats

Luckily, Insulgard Security Products offers a line of BULLETBLOCK fiberglass for security threats. These opaque panels provide the same levels of ballistic protection that businesses, government agencies, and building designers have come to expect from reinforced glass. But it provides this protection in the walls and frames around those protective doors and windows. 

Here’s a guide to BULLETBLOCK fiberglass for ballistic threats, along with its potential applications and benefits. 

About BULLETBLOCK Fiberglass for Ballistic Threats

Insulgard’s BULLETBLOCK fiberglass products are actually made using multiple layers of woven fiberglass combined with resin and formed under heat and pressure into a solid sheet. The more layers of fiberglass the thicker the sheet and the higher the level of ballistic protection.  UL752 Level 1 fiberglass which defeats 3 shots of a 9mm handgun is ¼” thick whereas UL752 Level 8 fiberglass which defeats 5 shots of a 7.62mm rifle is almost 1 ½” thick.

Here’s how this material works to provide ballistic protection: As the bullet impacts the BULLETBLOCK fiberglass panel the layers of fiberglass will start to delaminate.  As the fiberglass delaminates the energy of the bullet is absorbed and the bullet is actually captured in the sheet preventing any penetration of the projectile.  This is actually another benefit of the BULLETBLOCK fiberglass.  By capturing the bullet it eliminates the possibility of ricochet unlike steel that is sometimes used for ballistic protection in walls or under counters.

The BULLETBLOCK FG Series is available in UL752 levels 1 through 8 providing protection  from an array of ballistic threats.  So building owners and designers can choose the specific materials that protect against the most relevant threats they’re likely to face, from small handguns to high powered rifles. BULLETBLOCK fiberglass is available in standard 3’ x 8’ or 4’ x 8’ sheets but also available in custom sizes if the project warrants it. 

Applications of Fiberglass for Ballistic Threats

Fiberglass for ballistic threats offers many of the same protective benefits as bullet resistant glass, doors, and windows. But it does so using opaque material that can fit seamlessly into a variety of building projects. 

Fiberglass for ballistic threats can be a relevant form of protection for an array of buildings and facilities, including banks, government buildings, courthouses and even convenience stores. Basically, any location that could face any sort of ballistic threat may benefit from this material. It’s a perfect addition to buildings that already utilize bullet resistant doors, windows, and framing systems, since it fills in the gaps by adding extra bullet resistant surfaces around these potential entry points.

Inside the buildings or structures mentioned above, these fiberglass panels offer an opaque surface that can be installed as a lining underneath walls, ceilings, doors, or even custom millwork. Basically, any surface that could use some extra protection and where clear visibility is not essential can be lined with BULLETBLOCK fiberglass for ballistic threats. 

Benefits of Fiberglass for Ballistic Threats

By utilizing BULLETBLOCK fiberglass anchored to studs beneath the drywall panels, standard construction walls and ceilings can be reinforced to provide protection from ballistic attack. It is important to note that fiberglass, like all other materials, cannot provide absolute protection from ballistics and therefore is not “bulletproof”. Every material will eventually break down when struck with enough force over enough time. However, these panels are tested to UL level 1-8 standards to protect against multiple shots from various firearms. So they provide absolute protection against the specific types of ballistics each level is rated for.  BULLETBLOCK fiberglass will stop the round it is designed and tested to protect against. 

Also, fiberglass panels, when combined with bullet resistant windows, doors and glazing for other entry points, can slow down assailants significantly. This gives employees and other visitors at these facilities a better chance of getting to safety and provides more time for first responders to make it to the scene. 

Additionally, when buildings are outfitted with fiberglass for ballistic threats and other bullet resistant materials, it can deter people from targeting these facilities in the first place. Many of those who commit armed robbery or similar acts look for easy targets where they have a high chance of completing their objective and getting away before law enforcement arrives. Putting protective systems in place dramatically lowers their chances of success. So they may be likely to choose a different target or rethink their plans altogether. 

And finally, having these protective systems in place can simply help employees and others who spend significant time in a building feel safer. While you may not be able to completely guarantee that a dangerous event won’t occur, you can help them feel much more confident that they’ll be safe if one does. That can free up more of their attention to focus on work, and improve happiness and morale around the office.  

If you’re ready to add BULLETBLOCK fiberglass for ballistic threats to your building project, Insulgard has the quality materials and value added services to meet your needs. We carry fiberglass panels in stock and custom sizes are available. And panels can be customized to suit the visual needs of your applications as well including painted or plastic laminate finishes. In addition, our BULLETBLOCK line includes an array of bullet resistant materials, like windows, doors, glazing, and framing systems. And we offer other types of protective systems for buildings as well, including STORMDEFEND windows and doors for extreme weather protection and SAFECHANGE transaction windows and secure enclosures. Our knowledgeable team is available to help clients through every step of the process, from material selection to finding qualified installers. Reach out today to learn more about fiberglass for ballistic threats and our other security solutions. 

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