industry news for bullet resistant glass companiesIf you need a quote from bullet resistant glass companies or want to improve physical security measures around your facilities, it’s important to understand the products, materials, and trends that are relevant to the industry. The bullet resistant glazing systems field is constantly evolving as new materials and capabilities are developed. 

As such, it’s important to constantly learn more about the factors impacting the industry in the short and the long term. Here are a few of the trends and headlines that may affect companies looking for bullet resistant glass solutions in 2021 and beyond.


Increased Demand Leads to More Customer Friendly Options

Overall, the bullet resistant glazing systems industry has widened this year. Economic uncertainty and political unrest throughout the U.S. have been major contributing factors to security concerns from main street businesses, government buildings, and other facilities. So many have decided to add extra security features to their storefronts and other building features to protect employees and limit losses. 

This doesn’t just mean more revenue throughout the industry; it also means that there are an increasing amount of new customers who are just learning about these products for the first time. As such, bullet resistant glass companies have had to lower the barrier for entry. This means providing clients with more information about various products and options, and explaining various aspects of the industry in more understandable terms. Basically, if you’re looking for protective solutions for your company but don’t know where to start, this is one of the best times to gain knowledge in a way that’s easily accessible.


Bullet Resistant Glass Protects COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 has impacted basically every industry during the past year. Though the pandemic is still affecting markets around the country, vaccines have started to become available, providing hope for millions. 

However, this also means that these vaccines are incredibly sought after, both by people seeking protection and those looking to acquire these products for their own financial gain. So pharmacies and storage facilities have had to increase security measures to keep this medicine safe. And bullet resistant glass has become a major part of the solution. Of course, other measures are in place as well. But since the vaccines will have to be distributed widely throughout the country, it’s likely that bullet resistant glazing systems will continue to increase in popularity at pharmacies and other distribution centers. 


Emerging Industries Make Use of Bullet Resistant Glass

When you think about industries that use bullet resistant glass, your mind probably goes right to military and armored vehicles, bank vaults, and government facilities. However, a huge array of companies can benefit from the protection offered by these products. And this year, we saw some newer companies start to learn the importance of physical security measures. 

For example, the legal cannabis industry has really started to take off in recent years, especially as more and more states legalize these products for medical and/or recreational purposes and lighten restrictions surrounding the industry. However, these companies still face a good deal of operational barriers that may impact their physical security needs. In addition to selling sought after products and facing stiff competition in an emerging industry, many do not have the option to keep their finances at traditional banks due to federal restrictions on the industry. This means they tend to keep large amounts of cash on hand, making them a potentially attractive target for robbers or intruders. As such, dispensaries and other businesses in the industry have begun to learn about the importance of physical security measures like bullet resistant glass companies that offer counterline systems, which can deter break ins and minimize losses over the long term. 

In addition, companies like Robinhood have started to shake up the financial industry over the past several years. While these companies gain popularity in a quickly evolving market, there are naturally going to be some growing pains and lessons learned along the way. However, this may also lead to some frustration among traders and customers. In fact, the company recently installed protective glass barriers in its headquarters as an added layer of protection. 


School Security Market Continues to Grow

The education landscape may look a bit different this year, but physical security still remains a high priority. In recent years, many districts have tried out various strategies, from employing additional guards to enacting facial recognition technology to ensure that all guests are accounted for. However, it’s often difficult to quantify the impact these strategies have. And some have even argued that these measures are more about giving the appearance of security over providing actual protection. 

On the other hand, bullet resistant glass provides real, quantifiable protection, since they can increase physical security while also potentially deterring violent offenders. Many districts are still likely to enact these security features along with other strategies like guards and metal detectors at entrances. But overall, these protective systems can be an effective part of a school security plan as educational facilities start to re-open following shutdowns throughout the country. 

If you’re interested in learning even more about bullet resistant glass and the industry trends that may impact your company’s protection needs, it helps to have a knowledgeable provider by your side. Insulgard offers a wide array of protective solutions for businesses, government facilities, and communities throughout the country. These include bullet resistant barriers, forced entry solutions, and even products for hurricane and tornado safe rooms. All of our products come from top industry manufacturers and are tested to ensure high levels of quality. Reach out to our team online to discuss your company’s physical security needs today.  


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