Secure entry systems can enhance safety and security at a variety of locations, from schools and courthouses to office complexes and commercial suites. With so many different applications, the specific products and materials used for each system can vary widely. So it’s incredibly important to work with a provider that can customize products to your specific needs. 

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This is where Insulgard comes in. We offer a huge array of products that can be used in the construction of secure entry systems for various buildings and complexes.

Whether you’re upgrading security at a government building or constructing a brand new commercial development and want to prioritize physical security from the start, our doors, windows, and secure entry systems can suit your specific safety and architectural needs. 

Here’s a guide to Insulgard’s product options, especially as they concern secure entry systems for improving security as people come and go from your facility. 

What Are Secure Entry Systems?

Secure entry systems can look quite different from building to building, but the general purpose is to enhance physical security measures around the entry points of a facility.

For smaller buildings, they may simply include exterior doors and windows that are made using ballistic glass and other reinforced materials. In larger facilities, entryways may include additional protective barriers once you’re inside to prevent people from breaching a secure area past a security checkpoint.

For example, courthouses often install barriers just past an area where people go through metal detectors and speak with security personnel or use their employee ID or passcode to enable an access control system. This ensures that only necessary individuals are granted access to the actual courtrooms or employee-only areas, even if the general public can access the area just inside the exterior doors. 

Aside from the structure of these secure entry systems, the materials used also vary. However, these doors, windows, and barriers are usually constructed with impact resistant options like polycarbonate, laminated glass, acrylic, or glass-clad polycarbonate. These materials are designed to absorb the energy from ballistics, flying debris, and/or forced entry threats.

Though no material is completely bulletproof no matter how much force is used against it over a prolonged period of time, these entry systems are designed and tested to prevent shattering or spalling against a variety of ballistic rounds. The exact level of protection varies by product and UL 752 testing standard level. But Insulgard’s knowledgeable team can help you find the exact products that work for your secure entry needs. 

What Are the Benefits of Secure Entry Systems?

Doors, windows, and barriers are the most common points that a potential intruder may try to breach in order to gain access to a building or secure area. Reinforced exterior doors and windows near the entryway provide an extra layer of protection to prevent after-hours break-ins or keep unauthorized personnel out of the building altogether. 

stacked bulletproof and ballistic glass panels in a storage room

Secure ballistic barriers installed just inside the entryway provide an extra layer of security to allow businesses and government agencies to carefully screen visitors or prevent those without clearance to gain access to secure areas.

You may want to implement ID checks, searches, or other screening measures to determine who can gain full access to certain parts of the building. And these barriers allow that access without obstructing your normal operations or blocking security cameras or other forms of protection throughout your lobby or entry area. 

In addition to the physical protection offered by these secure entry systems, they also act as a deterrent. They may disrupt crimes in progress or make intruders rethink their actions before they even begin. Thus, the mere presence of barriers can decrease the likelihood of an incident ever occurring in the first place. 

What Sets Insulgard’s Secure Entry Systems Apart?

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to add secure doors, windows, and entry systems to your facility, the next step is choosing a supplier for these important features. So what sets Insulgard apart and what benefits might you enjoy by partnering with our team? 

First of all, we’re known within the industry for our tight turnaround times. We communicate quickly with clients, providing answers and quotes when you need them so your team is empowered to make security decisions right away.

Once you place an order for doors, windows, or secure entry systems, we provide the materials needed with notable speed. We stock an array of materials and products to ensure you get the important elements needed to enhance your facility’s security immediately. 

In addition, our team has the experience and industry knowledge to help you choose the right products for your needs and customize or install them with ease. Since we stock an array of products, we can guide you toward the specific materials, protection levels, and styles that suit your company or agency’s needs.

Whether you need help understanding UL 752 protection standards or finding materials that suit the visual and architectural needs of your facility, we have the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction. Then we can connect you with value added services or installers in your area to ensure these secure entry systems are added to your facility exactly as you planned. 

If you’re ready to discuss secure entry systems, doors, and windows to enhance the security of your commercial and public facility, visit our website to browse our BulletBlock line of products or reach out to our team today. 

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