The best bulletproof glass distributors don’t just provide quality materials that are tested to meet high industry standards. They can also provide helpful insights so building owners and designers can implement the most relevant and effective security solutions possible. 

That’s why it’s so important to choose a company that has years of experience and a knowledgeable team who can add value through every step of the process, from concept development to final installation of the product. Since there are so many solutions that bulletproof glass distributors can provide, the exact solutions you choose to enhance safety and security at your location may vary widely as well. But a quality distributor should always be able to provide helpful insights and additional value based on the specific needs of your organization or industry. 

Insulgard Is One Of The Best Bulletproof Glass Distributors – And Much More

  • We have designed and tested aluminum window framing and doors that can incorporate the glass creating a bullet resistant system.
  • We design and fabricate bullet resistant enclosures and barrier systems utilizing bullet resistant glazing and have the ability to install these enclosures all over the country.
  • We have developed proprietary glazing makeups and incorporate them into door and window systems that have been tested and certified to meet ICC500-14 and FEM361-15 for use in tornado and hurricane shelters.

Recommendations for a Commercial Safe Room

If you’re currently considering your building’s security plan, here are some helpful tips from the industry’s best bulletproof glass distributors. 

Commercial safe rooms are structures constructed inside of buildings intended to protect the people inside from potential violent threats. They are made using bullet resistant materials like laminated glass and glass-clad polycarbonate, which are better equipped to absorb the impact from ballistic impact than traditional glass. They do this by fusing multiple layers of material together or including synthetic materials that are designed to more effectively spread out the energy from impact instead of immediately shattering. These materials may be included in doors, windows, framing materials, and opaque armor to create a full enclosure that fits your space perfectly. 

Safe rooms can be beneficial in a variety of commercial and government buildings. Basically, anywhere that may face potential threats from violent intruders can use safe rooms to provide an extra layer of protection. For example, a public safety facility may construct an enclosure where employees and visitors could go if needed until help arrives. This type of structure may also be useful in financial institutions, schools, churches, office buildings, and more. 

If a commercial safe room could be a welcome addition to your facility’s safety plan, it’s important to make sure that it’s built to the best standards in the industry. This means that all the materials need to be tested and certified under internationally recognized bodies like UL. More specifically, you should look for products that have been designed and tested to meet UL752 standards, which are designed to specify exactly what type of ballistic impact each material should be able to withstand. UL752 includes testing standards ranging from level 1, which meets lower level ballistic protection, up to UL752 level 10, which is designed to withstand multiple shots from a high powered rifle. In all cases, products designed and tested to these standards must provide absolute protection, meaning they allow for absolutely no spall during testing.

Recommendations for Storefront and Store Counter Situations

In addition to commercial safe rooms, the best bulletproof glass distributors can provide access to customized solutions built for specific types of buildings, including counterline systems and bandit barriers. These systems are installed over counters or customer service areas to provide extra protection to employees as they deal with members of the public. These systems provide plenty of optical clarity so team members can continue to facilitate seamless conversations. They can even include extra features like package passers and pass-thru trays to make completing transactions easy and secure. 

If your facility could benefit from these systems, it’s important to prioritize state of the art technology used in the latest defensive barrier installations. The materials and testing standards used in these products are identical to those in other ballistic products. So you can continue to reference those quality thresholds when making decisions surrounding these systems.

Most counterline systems are fabricated using materials that meet UL 752 Level 1-3 testing standards, meaning they can withstand impact from low level ballistics including all handguns. This is often enough to deter crimes of opportunity and thwart attempts at things like simple armed robbery, which is often the exact level of protection needed in facilities where these systems are installed. 

Once you’ve chosen the type of system that can provide the most benefits to your facility, it’s time to consider installation. Prioritizing expert product installation can help you get your new protective systems in place as quickly and effectively as possible.

Not all construction companies or contractors who work with glass are qualified to install protective barriers like counterline systems. So the best bulletproof glass distributors can help you connect with installers in your area who can retrofit these systems into your current location or install them in new construction projects based on your own custom plans.

They can also provide systems that are already fabricated to your exact specifications and requirements for ballistic resistance, so they are completely ready to be installed. Overall, this provides the most seamless experience possible and ensures that your new system is fully prepared to provide the highest level of protection possible. 

Narrowing down the best bulletproof glass distributors may seem overwhelming, but Insulgard can meet all of the qualifications listed above and more. We help our clients take projects all the way from concept development through delivering the finished product, offering expertise and extra value through every step. We serve businesses of all sizes and are equipped to provide solutions for various industries, from convenience stores to schools to government facilities.

Our BulletBlock bullet resistant products and SafeChange counterline systems are tested to ensure high levels of quality. And we can even customize solutions to fit your existing facility or new construction projects. To speak with a bulletproof glass supplier that can provide the ideal solutions for your applications, visit our website today.

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