highest level bulletproof glass

As identified by UL 752 standards, the highest level of bulletproof glass historically available has been Level 8, which is made to withstand five rounds from a 7.62mm rifle allowing for no penetration of the bullet and no glass spall. However, recently, UL 752 has added level 9 (1 shot from a.30-06 caliber rifle) and level 10 (1 shot from a .50 caliber rifle).  Bullet Resistant Glass would withstand up to a .50 Caliber round from a high-powered rifle.

A .50 Caliber round is most closely associated with military usage, and is not typically or commonly in widespread usage amongst most civilian products. Additionally, it should be mentioned that level 8 is essentially the highest level of protection available for bullet resistant glass.

The following is a brief breakdown of the UL 752 level standards:

  • Level 1 – withstands three shots from a 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core at a speed of 1,175 feet per second.
  • Level 2 – must be able to stand up to three shots from a .357 magnum jacketed lead soft point at a velocity of 1,250 feet per second.
  • Level 3 – is made to resist three shots from a .44 magnum lead semi-wadcutter at 1,350 feet per second.
  • Level 4 – is made to withstand one shot from a .30 caliber rifle lead core soft point at a speed of 2,540 feet per second.
  • Level 5 – has the same requirements as the highest level of bulletproof glass protection, but at only one shot.
  • Level 6 – must withstand five shots from a 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core at a velocity of 1,400 feet per second.
  • Level 7 – must be able to stand up to five shots from a 5.66mm rifle full metal copper jacket with lead core at a speed of 3,080 feet per second.
  • Level 8 – required to withstand 5 rounds fired using 7.62 ammunition. This is actually the highest protection available for BR glass.
  • Level 9 – Firearm projectiles up to .30-06 caliber rifle, Full Metal Jacket.
  • Level 10 – .50 caliber fired from a high-powered rifle.

What types of situations can the highest level of BP glass help defend against?

There are a number of scenarios where the highest level of bulletproof protection would be desired. These can include police stations, government offices, corporate headquarters, data centers, cash vaults, money rooms or similar locations.

Bulletproof glass can protect people against many types of threats, but there are a few misconceptions regarding the materials. First, none of them can withstand every possible scenario. Even if you do have the highest level of bulletproof glass, it’s not 100% invincible. Any material subjected to repeated impacts of firearm projectiles will, eventually, sustain enough damage to be structurally unsound. 

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