State Safety Grants for Secure Entrances

school with state safety grant for secure entryway

State safety grants have become available through many states, along with the Federal Government. School safety is an incredibly important issue – it has become a major talking point in recent years due to an increase in violent events at facilities around the country. While there are many different things that educational and community leaders can do to try and prevent violence from occurring in the first place, physical security is still important. 

Security improvements like bullet resistant windows and doors, secure entryways, and camera systems can all go a long way toward protecting schools in the event of a violent incident. And in many cases, they may prevent the incident from occurring altogether. 

Many states, along with the federal government, have made grant funds available for schools that want to make some of these safety improvements, and you can find grants for everything from ballistic threat protection to mental health support programs. 

Are you interested in exploring the benefits of state safety grants or learning what some of these upgrades can do for your school or building? Read on for more on the importance of physical security in schools and beyond. 

Why Are States Granting Funds for Buildings to Upgrade Security?

Even though there are several different methods that educational facilities use to increase safety and create an environment where safety threats are less likely, there’s always a slight chance that threats may pop up from time to time. These events can be devastating for schools and communities. And even in places where they don’t occur, the thought can still add worry and stress to the learning experience. 

More and more states are beginning to recognize the importance of physical security when it comes to school buildings. And although there are some upgrades that are relatively affordable, many schools may require assistance to make all of the changes they want to implement right away. The extra grant opportunities from states and the federal government provide the extra push that many districts may need to improve safety and ultimately improve the learning experience. 

Why Secure Entry Systems Are Becoming More Common

Secure entry systems offer one form of physical protection for school buildings. These systems don’t just stop active attackers from quickly breaching the entryway. They also help facilities create a system for visitors and students to enter and exit the building. If a parent or guardian comes to pick up their child or meet with a teacher, they can’t simply walk through the entrance and roam the building freely if a secure entry system is installed. The protective material ensures that they must first gain permission to enter the facility. This allows educators and those in charge to closely track who has entered and exited the facility and when. 

In addition, secure entry systems often deter potential violence from happening in the first place. If a potential attacker wants to enter a school building, they are less likely to even attempt it if they know that the facility has secured entrance with bullet resistant glass and access will be difficult. This doesn’t necessarily stop the entire violence issue, but it can make these unfortunate events less likely, and it can lessen their impact by keeping them out of especially populous areas and buildings like schools. 

How Recent Events Are Causing Schools to Install Secure Entrances and Bullet Resistant Film

Of course, the influx of gun violence in schools has caught a lot of people’s attention in recent years. This has made vandal resistant film and bullet resistant windows, doors, and entrances an especially important aspect of school safety plans. These products provide an immediate defense against threats and can also provide peace of mind to students and educators. 

There is no way to completely eliminate the threat of violence in schools or elsewhere. But those that add physical security, along with other safety measures, can potentially ease some of that worry. And bullet resistant film and entryways can help to minimize the impact if a violent incident does occur, giving first responders more time to react before significant harm is done. 

Why Bulletproof Glass Isn’t Just for Schools

School buildings can certainly benefit from an increase in physical security, especially near entryways. However, they’re not the only facilities that could use a security upgrade. Government facilities, office buildings, retail stores, and financial institutions can also benefit from secure entryways and bullet resistant doors and windows. 

Although no material is completely “bulletproof,” these materials can stand up to certain ballistic rounds and minimize the impact of a violent event. They also help to deter potential attackers from ever attempting to commit violence at a particular location in the first place.

What You Can Do to Maximize Building Security Against Threats

If you are in charge of a school or any other type of building that the public has access to, you may benefit from increasing security with bullet resistant entryway systems. And state grant funding may help you cover some or all of the cost associated with those upgrades. Your first step in this process should be to find an experienced provider of ballistic security products. 

Insulgard provides a wide array of bullet resistant products designed to make schools and other facilities safer. Our helpful team can walk you through every step of the process, from material selection to installation. Our products are tested to meet high industry standards, and we offer a variety of different solutions to help you stay within your school or facility’s budget. Contact us today to begin the process of upgrading your security or making use of state grant funds.

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