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While facilitating service counter interactions seamlessly is key to the success of businesses and organizations around the world, it’s important to consider the safety and security of those behind the counter. Particularly in businesses or buildings that deal with cash, counter area protection between the two sides of the customer service counter can dramatically improve safety without disrupting the normal interactions needed to conduct business successfully. 

These are just some of the reasons why counter area protection is becoming increasingly popular at various businesses and government buildings. Here’s a guide to these solutions for those looking to improve safety and security. 

What Is Bulletproof Counter Area Protection?

Bulletproof counter area protection can take many forms, but it generally consists of a pane of protective material over a customer service counter. This clear material separates the employees on one side from members of the public on the other. The visual clarity between sides still allows customers and employees to interact seamlessly, and extra accessories like pass-through trays or speakers can even be added to facilitate specific types of transactions or ease the communication process. 

These barriers are usually produced with reinforced materials like acrylic, polycarbonate, laminated glass, or glass-clad polycarbonate. These materials are able to absorb the impact from ballistics or forced entry strikes better than basic glass, so they should not break or shatter quickly. Though no material is completely “bulletproof,” these options do at least make it more difficult for anyone to breach the secure area, increasing safety for employees and deterring violent acts from occurring in the first place. 

In addition to providing physical protection for those behind the counter, these barriers often act as a crime deterrent. So they can actually increase safety for other customers or visitors as well, since people may be less likely to target these buildings in armed robberies or other potentially dangerous acts. 

Applications for Bulletproof Counter Area Protection

Bulletproof counter area protection can be beneficial in any professional business or organization where employees are expected to conduct public-facing business. This extra layer of protection is especially important for businesses that deal with a lot of cash or inventory that may be a common target for theft. For example, a simple barrier is often effective in reducing theft behind pharmacy counter areas or convenience and liquor stores. 

Banks and government buildings also commonly make use of counter area protection. These facilities may utilize higher levels of protection that are tested against more powerful ballistics, since the types of threats tend to vary between crimes of access and opportunity to those that are more planned and orchestrated. 

There are also some emerging industries that can greatly benefit from counter area protection. Perhaps most notably is the cannabis industry. The number of cannabis dispensaries has increased dramatically in recent years as laws have changed in many states and demand has risen dramatically among consumers. These businesses face unique security challenges since they often deal with highly in-demand inventory paired with large amounts of cash. In fact, many of these businesses are not able to safely deposit their earnings into banks due to unclear federal regulations, so they may either keep large amounts of cash in their retail locations or in separate facilities that still require added protection. Counter area protection can allow these businesses to place valuable or targeted goods in a secure area, while also keeping their earnings safe behind reinforced barriers. 

What to Look For When Selecting Bulletproof Counter Area Protection

Security is generally the most important consideration for businesses and organizations looking to install counter area protection. It’s important to find materials that are strong enough to protect against the specific types of ballistic or forced entry threats that a facility is most likely to face.

For example, small businesses like convenience stores often benefit greatly from low level counter area protection that can hold up against the force from small handgun ballistics. However, banks may feel more safe installing materials like polycarbonate that can absorb the impact of more powerful ballistics.

Look for materials tested against UL 752 standards, since these are nationally recognized safety standards that require absolute protection against the specific ballistics included in each test. There are different levels of ballistic protection available within these standards, so work with a security expert to determine your facility’s specific risk assessment. 

Aesthetics and architectural considerations are also important when installing counter area protection. This isn’t just about style, though finding customizable materials that match the look of your building can also be beneficial. Adding clear materials that fit the area perfectly can also facilitate easy interactions between both sides of the barrier. Many facilities also benefit from customizable countertop systems to streamline specific types of transactions. For example, you may look for a provider that offers pass-through trays or speakers. 

If your facility could benefit from BR teller glass or counter area protection, contact Insulgard to discuss your options. Our BulletBlock line of products includes various countertop systems and accessories to customize these solutions to your specific needs. Our products are tested against recognized industry standards, including UL 752. Additionally, our knowledgeable team can help you determine the right level of protection for your needs and walk you through every step of the process. Visit our website to learn more about bullet resistant counter area protection and discuss your ideal security solutions. 

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