UL Transaction Security offers a clear barrier over customer service areas that allows employees and customers to interact seamlessly, while still providing an extra layer of protection that offers peace of mind for employees and visitors alike.

Teller counting cash for a customer behind a window for transaction security

If you’re considering this type of physical security product for your commercial or public building, here’s a guide to the options available and their various benefits.  

What Is UL Transaction Security?

Transaction security products are barriers made from clear panels of ballistic material, like acrylic, polycarbonate, laminated glass, or glass-clad polycarbonate that have been tested by the Underwriters Laboratory to meet specific UL752 ballistic standards.

These reinforced materials are able to effectively absorb the impact of various ballistic weapons to prevent spalling or shattering when struck. Though no material can stand up against ballistic impact indefinitely, these barriers do provide significant protection to slow down potential intruders and increase safety and security at various facilities. 

Though ballistic glass can be installed in traditional doors, windows, or exterior applications, transaction security solutions are usually installed over a counter or customer service area.

They generally separate employees on one side of the barrier from customers or members of the public on the other. However, they offer visual clarity to still allow the two sides to communicate. Some even include speakers or transaction trays to facilitate easy purchases or interactions. 

To qualify as UL transaction security, the glazing products used to fabricate these systems must be tested to meet the standards of UL 752. This is a common and important testing standard in the bullet-resistant glass and security products industry.

There are eight levels of protection and products marked with these UL designations must be able to stand up against the ballistics specified for each level without any spalling whatsoever. 

What Are the Benefits?

UL transaction security solutions provide a strong barrier to protecting customers or public-facing employees. Since these reinforced barriers cannot easily be breached, they can often prevent loss or harm resulting from armed robbery or other security breaches.

Though no material can withstand ballistic impact or forced entry threats indefinitely, these reinforced materials prevent shattering and can provide enough time for individuals to get to safety or for first responders to act. 

Man handing cash to a teller through a cash tray for transaction security

In addition, UL transaction security barriers can serve as a deterrent to those who may otherwise consider armed robbery or other security breaches. These protective measures signal that businesses and organizations take security seriously, so it can make potential assailants think twice about committing these acts since they’re more likely to get caught and less likely to achieve their objectives. 

What Are the Different Types of UL Transaction Security?

UL transaction security options can vary by level of ballistic protection, shape and size of the actual barrier, visibility/durability, and more. Specifically, UL 752 specifies eight different levels of ballistic protection.

For the glazing to be marked with a UL level rating, it must show no penetration of the rounds but also no spalling to the interior or safe side when struck by the specific amount of ballistic force outlined under each level. 

Here’s a basic breakdown of each level: 

  • Level 1 protects against three shots of a 124-grain 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core at an FPS between 1175 and 1293 
  • Level 2 protects against three shots of a 158-grain .357 magnum jacketed lead soft point at an FPS between 1250 and 1375 
  • Level 3 protects against three shots of a 240-grain 44 Magnum Lead Semi-Wadcutter Gas Checked at an FPS between 1350 and 1485 
  • Level 4 protects against one shot of a 180-grain .30 caliber rifle lead core soft point at an FPS between 2540 and 2794 
  • Level 5 protects against one shot of a 150-grain 7.62mm rifle lead core full metal copper jacket military ball (.308 caliber) at an FPS between 2750 and 3025 
  • Level 6 protects against five shots of a 124-grain 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core at an FPS between 1400 and 1540 
  • Level 7 protects against five shots of a 55-grain 5.56mm rifle full metal copper jacket with lead core (.223 caliber) at an FPS between 3080 and 3383 
  • Level 8 protects against five shots of a 150-grain 7.62mm rifle lead core full metal copper jacket military ball (.308 caliber) at an FPS between 2750 and 3025 
  • Shotgun protects against three shots of a 12-gauge rifled lead slug at an FPS between 1585 and 1744 and three shots of a 12-gauge 00 buckshot (12 pellets) at an FPS between 1200 and 1320

Each facility will have its own security concerns and objectives. So it’s up to your specific threat assessments to determine the level of protection that is best suited to your location.

However, products marked as levels 1-3 (protection from handguns) often serve as a theft deterrent in businesses where a lot of cash is kept on hand such as banks, convenience stores or check cashing stores while products marked for levels 4-8 (protection from high powered rifles) are more common at large public buildings or in military applications. An experienced bullet-resistant window supplier can guide you to the specific levels that are most relevant to your needs. 

In addition to the level of protection, there are also variations in the structure of UL transaction security products. For example, these systems can be straight lines or radii and the windows themselves can be fabricated into an in-line system, a baffle system, or an arched or square top system.  There are also extras like pass-through trays or speakers that can ease specific types of transactions. 

What Are Some Relevant Trends Related to Transaction Security Solutions?

In general, ballistic protection and UL-rated windows are growing in popularity for various types of facilities. Increased headlines about violent acts and general unrest in communities around the country have increased concerns for decision-makers and brought the idea of installing protective solutions to the forefront. 

Transaction security in particular can improve peace of mind for customer-facing employees. This is especially vital for businesses and organizations now, since many are struggling to attract and retain top talent. Providing a safe and secure working environment can go a long way toward achieving those employment goals. 

Our knowledgeable team can help you understand the options and customize solutions to your specific needs. Browse BulletBlock products on our website and reach out to our team to get started today. 

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