Bulletproof windows provide valuable protection for businesses, organizations, and government agencies around the world.

In the past, many thought of these solutions as reserved only for large corporations and military structures. However, industry trends and technological innovations over the past few decades have made these protective solutions more accessible to a wide base of businesses and organizations. 

Bullet proof window with several bullets lodged in the shattered glass

Benefitting from the added protection of bulletproof windows and other ballistic solutions does not require an extensive understanding of industry trends and solutions. However, it can be helpful for suppliers, building owners, and community decision-makers to understand the basic offerings and standards that are relevant when considering this type of physical security. 

Though trends and innovations are always changing, here’s a basic rundown of some relevant headlines and changes that may impact those in the bulletproof windows and ballistic protection industries. 

Increased Demand for Bulletproof Windows

Bulletproof glass has long been a popular solution for commercial buildings and government facilities. But demand for this powerful solution has increased even more in recent years.

Increases in violent crimes, mass shootings, and general unease and unrest in communities around the country have led both businesses and government agencies to take physical security solutions even more seriously than they have in previous years. 

As an example of this trend, the market for storefront glass is predicted to grow by about 5.5% between now and 2029. So the current growth trends are expected to continue well into the future.

This is due in large part to increases in violent crime and theft in cities throughout the country, along with the increased news coverage of these incidents and surrounding statistics. Many storefronts are also looking for solutions that can protect from forced entry threats and vandalism, along with the ballistic protection that bulletproof windows provide. 

Schools and other community buildings are also investing in bullet-resistant glass and similar protective solutions in record numbers. This increased interest, particularly in schools, is due in large part to the increased number and news coverage of mass shootings in these locations. 

The front of a large building with many glass windows

But it’s also helpful that suppliers and installers are now better able to retrofit solutions to existing facilities. This allows school districts to enjoy enhanced protection capabilities without taking on huge construction projects that are often out of the reach of their tight budgets. 

In addition to schools, many medical centers, religious facilities, and public safety offices are also installing bulletproof glass around their buildings. In addition to various safety and security concerns, much of the growth in these markets can also be attributed to the ability to more easily retrofit solutions to existing facilities, thus saving both time and money for building owners and key decision-makers. 

Trends in the Bulletproof Window Industry

Due to this increased demand, the focus of many in the bullet-resistant glass industry is on ways to efficiently serve as many clients as possible.

For example, providers may dedicate additional resources toward providing fast and reliable installation or customization options over developing innovative new products, since the current offerings provide significant protection against an array of potential threats. As detailed above, there’s also a focus on the ability to retrofit solutions to existing facilities, so small businesses and public spaces have lower barriers to entry when it comes to enjoying this added protection. 

There are, however, plenty of unique and customizable solutions that can serve businesses and public or community facilities of all shapes and sizes.

For example, many bulletproof glass suppliers also offer supplementary solutions like security film. This product is installed over the top of existing windows and door glass. While it doesn’t stop bullets from penetrating, it can prevent the glass from shattering, which can prevent significant forced entry threats.

Even without the ability to fully stop ballistics, these solutions are popular with those on a budget or those who want a fast solution that doesn’t require a full remodel. 

As with many industries, new technology is making a major impact on the landscape of the bullet resistant window industry. Innovative companies are finding new ways to produce, machine, and customize these materials to optimize protection standards, durability, appearance, and installation.

The overall goal is to provide optimal protection while also lowering the barriers to entry for businesses and organizations in a huge array of locations and niches. While bulletproof windows and doors were once thought of as high-end solutions only for large corporations and military agencies, many solutions are now accessible to smaller businesses and community buildings that just want to provide extra safety and security for their employees and visitors. 

How to Find Bulletproof Windows That Work for Your Applications

Because of all these industry trends and changes, it’s important to find a bulletproof window supplier that can direct you to the latest and most relevant products for your industry and specific needs. For example, they may direct you to innovative new solutions that provide increased durability or direct you to the testing standards that may benefit your location based on a specific risk assessment.  

If you’re looking for bulletproof windows or other protective solutions for your business or public facility, contact Insulgard to discuss your options.

We offer a huge range of products, and our knowledgeable team can direct you to the solutions that are best suited for your specific needs, whether you need to retrofit security products to an existing facility or install brand-new materials in a custom build. Visit our website to browse our BulletBlock line of products or reach out to our team to discuss your needs today.

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